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Is Thanksgiving your favorite Holiday? We think it might be ours! Family, friends, and even strangers come together on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the spirit of thankfulness. It’s all about enjoying the little things, like good company, good health, and a good cup of coffee. Not to mention the mountains of butter-laden mashed potatoes! Really, what could be better?

If it’s your turn to host this year, we’ve got a couple tips for making sure your Thanksgiving is as smooth as a cup of Cameron’s Coffee!


Being host does NOT mean you’re in charge of every dish. Thanksgiving works best when many hands chip in. The turkey is likely yours to tackle, but Aunt Susie can handle the green bean casserole!


With so many moving parts, planning ahead is a must. Your stove only has so many burners! Make your mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce ahead of time. Set the table the night before. The more tasks you can move off your Thanksgiving Day schedule, the more time you’ll have to visit with family and friends.


Need we say more? Thanksgiving is the ultimate food Holiday, so your guests are bound to show up hungry! Have a few snacks ready for everyone as they arrive. Appetizer hour is perfect time to show off one of Cameron’s Holiday blends — Pumpkin Spice, anyone?


Board games and cards are great to have around for entertaining big and little kids alike. And you’ll probably have a few football fans in your bunch, so make sure there’s a space for keeping up with the game!

Give Thanks

This one should go without saying, but we all know how easy it is to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the Holidays! Take a few little moments to be mindful of all your blessings 😊