The People Behind Cameron’s Always Smooth Coffee – Protecting the Beans, Part 2

Welcome back to another installment in our series about the people who make “Always Smooth, Never Bitter” not just a slogan but a reality in every package of Cameron’s coffee. In previous posts, we met Bill Kirkpatrick, who travels the world to select the very best coffee beans; Patrick Dinkins, our Roastmaster and certified Q-grader who certifies that all incoming coffee meets our rigorous requirements; two of our roasters, Paige Zarbo and Jose Serrano Jr., who “develop the beans” by lovingly roasting each unique batch to bring out all the nuanced flavors; and Tom Becklund, who heads our coffee roaster training program.

Today we meet Margarita Garcia, one of our machine operators. While some of the people we’ve met previously have been with Cameron’s for many years, Margarita is new to the Cameron’s family, having joined us only six months ago. But she’s just as passionate about Cameron’s coffee as everyone else. “My favorites are Velvet Moon and French Roast,” Margarita says. “I like a strong dark roast coffee because it helps me get my day going! I especially love how smooth our dark roast coffees are compared to bitter coffees you so often get from other brands.”

Margarita—her friends call her Maggie—works on one of our packaging lines. “My job is to keep the coffee as fresh as the moment it was roasted,” she says. “I have to make sure every bag is perfect, to protect the freshness and flavor of our coffee.” She feels that even the best coffee, perfectly roasted, is only as good as the package and the protection it provides.

“If the package isn’t perfect, the coffee won’t be perfect,” Maggie says. “I don’t want someone to get coffee that’s anything less than perfectly smooth.” She goes on to explain, “I try to solve problems before they happen, and I work hard to make sure everything about my machine is clean and running perfectly.”

Maggie says she loves working at Cameron’s. “What I love is how everybody really cares about doing things right,” Maggie says. “Every step is done with love and caring. People are proud of our coffee and the role they play in making coffee that’s always smooth and never bitter. There’s a part of all of us in every bag!”

She also appreciates all the help she received as the new kid on the block. “Everyone was so kind and helpful. I try to do my best, but when I needed help everyone was patient as they helped me learn my job.”

Maggie says Cameron’s is a really fun place to work. “People are always singing and telling jokes. Being around them motivates me to have a positive outlook and do the best job I can.”

We all know that a smooth cup of coffee gets your day off to a positive start. At least with Maggie, the reverse is also true: a positive outlook helps Maggie and her friends at Cameron’s produce a really smooth cup of coffee!

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