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You know the feeling you get after brewing a fresh pot of Cameron’s and settling into your favorite comfy chair to enjoy your first cup of coffee? Well, that’s hygge! Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish way of living, all about coziness, contentment, and finding joy in the simple things. In other words, an optimistic lifestyle that we can get behind here at Cameron’s. With so many of us isolated at home these days, there’s no better time to introduce a little hygge into our daily routines.

Hygge is a true way of life for Danes and has been part of their culture since the 1800s, but for the rest of us it’s only just been catching on the in past couple years – and with good reason! Living the hygge mindset can increase your happiness and reduce stress. It’s about shifting your way of thinking to find the opportunity for joy in each moment and being grateful for what you have. Here are some of our favorite ways to embrace hygge:

Cozy coffee corner with a plaid blanket, an open book, a mug of Cameron’s Coffee and a view of snow falling.

Be Kind to Yourself

Rather than focus on all the things you feel you should be doing, take a step back and treat yourself to small indulgences. This includes warm beverages (like your favorite Cameron’s blend), comfort food, and sweet treats – with no guilt.

Woman reading a book on the couch while holding a mug of Cameron’s Coffee

Slow Down

Put your phone down and be present. Enjoy the moment you are in, whether you’re lost in a good book by yourself, or spending quality time with family and friends. Really take the time to soak in the experience, using all five senses.

Enjoy the Little Things

Hygge is about experiencing comfort wherever you are, being totally relaxed with the place you’re in and the people you’re with. It’s about choosing to see the bright side in every situation – rather than complaining about the snowstorm coming through, bundle up for a walk and enjoy the beauty of a fresh blanket of dazzling winter snow.

Scene of Cameron’s Coffee white 10oz. mug surrounded by a plaid blanket, a candle and an open book.

Up the Cozy Factor

Throughout these chilly Minnesota winters, try dedicating one night a week to “hygge night”. Turn off the lights, fill your space with candles and fuzzy blankets, throw on your coziest sweater and your thickest socks, and settle in by the fireplace. Even better with a mug of Cameron’s!