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Grab a mug of coffee and read on for a message from our CEO, Bob Waldron, about what’s been happening at Cameron’s this year.

The year 2020 will obviously go down in history for the negative impact of Covid-19, but I hope it is remembered for the tireless and inspiring efforts of our nation’s frontline heroes battling this invisible enemy. While the team at Cameron’s is not saving lives, we are doing our little part to help loyal ‘always smooth, never bitter’ fans remain alert and energized in these unprecedented times.

Cameron’s Coffee was deemed part of our country’s critical food and beverage infrastructure, such that we continued to roast coffee. We quickly informed our team members that our goal would be to ensure the health and (financial) wellness of our employees while supplying coffee to consumers in need.

While we have always maintained rigorous safety protocols, changes were needed, fast. We incorporated greater physical distancing in the roastery with the use of masks and face shields, added sanitizing stations, and opened offices for our roastery workers to take breaks versus huddling in the breakroom. Even with all these CDC protocols in place, maintaining a safe roastery has not been possible without the commitment from our team members prioritizing the health of their co-workers. The team has been truly outstanding.

Our front office workers shifted to working from home and will remain there until our nation has an answer to this virus. I remain fully confident we will put this virus behind us for a better future.

With the increase of Americans working from home, the demand for coffee purchased in grocery stores spiked. March, April and May saw the largest increases, but more consumers continue to drink coffee at home versus February (pre-pandemic). Our hardworking team at Cameron’s Coffee produced at record levels to keep up with demand, including weekend shifts to work through the incremental 3 million pounds of coffee we brought forward from our (currently) 17 coffee growing regions around the world.

Coffee sales shifted from single serve coffee, like our compostable EcoPods that fit in Keurig™ machines, to ground and whole bean coffee sold for drip brewers (like Mr. Coffee™). As we look ahead, to safer times, we believe at-home demand will continue to be strong throughout 2021. Accordingly, we are making more of our loved holiday flavors (Pumpkin Spice, Crème Brûlée Latte, White Chocolate Peppermint and Winter Blend) to be ready for higher demand. We are also working on enhanced traceability efforts to know the co-op or farm where our coffee was grown to be better able to protect our farmers.

It has been a wild ride the last 6 months. I am so proud of our team for their commitment to safety and providing our fans the coffee they love. We never missed a beat. It is truly an honor to work with my fellow team members at Cameron’s. In the end however, we only make coffee. So, let me give one last shout out to our frontline heroes…we sincerely thank you. Some of you have received our coffee donations. In better times, our coffee would have come with big hugs to show our support and gratitude.



  1. Where do you sell the bags of Jamaican coffee? My store Publix Mechanicsville, VA only has eco pods which works for me but others are wanting the bag. Thanks

  2. Thank you for producing such a great tasting and high quality coffee. Since my wife found this for me in one of our local grocery stores and brought it home, it is the ONLY coffee I drink now. Thanks again !

  3. Great job Cameron coffee!! Your coffee is fabulous!! As I work at home, it is one little comfort to pick my Ecopod flavor. We are in this together!!

  4. A couple of years ago I discovered Cameron’s at a local grocery store. I started out with Hazelnut since it was a flavor I’d liked in different brands over the years. I eventually decided to try Chocolate Covered Cherry. From that moment on I was hooked! I bought out the stores supply when they stocked up. I even went to different stores if my store was out. It kept becoming harder to find that flavor and I was obsessed with it. I went on your website to see if I could locate different stores in my area. That’s when I discovered I could order directly from the source which was wonderful during the shutdowns. I drink coffee 24/7 365 days a year. You have made me a very happy & satisfied Cameron consumer!

  5. 8 years ago my health took a turn and I loved coffee but was unable to drink. After trying my varieties I landed on Cameron’s Organic Rainforest. Life is Good when coffee is Cameron’s. I have enlightened my friends and family and they also now only drink Rainforest Cameron’s. I’ll keep spreading the word for Cameron’s and we will out live this pandemic times. Thx you Cameron’s.

  6. Please, please, please make the plain peppermint coffee again! I know I’m not the only one who wants it brought back. It is my very most favorite. Last time it was available, I bought a case. Thank you! Kim

  7. We’re on vacation in Minnesota up north at a cabin and nothing beats the refreshing cool morning air with a cup of Highlander Grog…. mmm good!

  8. Love your coffee.
    I have been to Costa Rica and Rwanda and am glad you are showing concern for your growers who work hard to grow wonderful beans.John Mccally, St.michael, Mn

  9. Have you stopped making Organic Velvet Moon whole bean coffee? Can’t find it on your website. Can only find it,
    at gouging prices, from third-party sellers. Please advise.

  10. Thanks for the update. I would LOVE to see the whole bean bulk dispensaries back in local grocery stores. In the Overland Park, KS grocery stores, the Roasterie coffee brand still has their dispensaries available but I do not like their coffee. Thank goodness I have been able to purchase my whole bean Highlanders Grog online…otherwise, 2020 would be almost unbearable. LOL #bringbackthewholebeandispensaries 🙂

  11. Fan of Cameron’s coffee for my drip coffee maker. However the past several months the stores in my area that carried Camerons only sell the eco-pods and not the bagged coffee. I’m really disappointed I can only get your coffee via online ordering by mail. Will you be returning the bagged coffees to stores?

  12. Hi Teri! We recommend using our Store Finder to locate stores selling our coffee near you. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate specific blends, as availability may vary from store to store. If you cannot find the bagged coffee locally, remember, you can always buy directly from us online! – CC –

  13. Hi James! The Organic Velvet Moon is a limited edition coffee roasted exclusively for Costco. It’s an excellent coffee, and we’d love to roast it again! You can help us do so by reaching out to Costco and letting them know how much you enjoyed it. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a similar blend, you might enjoy our Organic Mountain Gold. – CC –

  14. Hi Sue! We’re sorry to hear you haven’t seen our bagged coffees in stores lately! I recommend using our Store Finder to locate more stores selling our coffee near you. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate specific items, as availability may vary from store to store. If you cannot find the bagged coffee locally, remember, you can always buy directly from us online! – CC –

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