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As you’re probably aware, our online coffee shop has been closed for a number of weeks now. And, unfortunately, we expect it to remain closed for at least another several weeks. We know this is frustrating for many of you, as it is for us, and we thought you deserved an explanation.

Here’s What Happened

First, Cameron’s Coffee is growing at an unprecedented rate. For the past year or so, Cameron’s has been one of the fastest growing coffee brands in the United States, as more and more people discover our Always Smooth, Never Bitter coffee. We don’t own coffee shops, and we don’t have to over-roast our coffee to hold up to the blended concoctions other coffees are often used for. We only make coffee for you to enjoy at home. We carefully roast each unique blend of the finest coffee beans in the world, and pack it fresh the very same day, to make sure whatever variety of Cameron’s Coffee you choose is the smoothest cup of coffee you can find anywhere.

Second, we are making some changes to better meet this growing demand. We’re installing new equipment, including a shiny new roaster that is the perfect match to our current ones. We’re also in the process of installing a new system to better track our coffee – from bean to carton – so we can send out the very freshest coffee each and every time. Unfortunately, to implement this new system, we had to close everything down for several days at a time when orders were increasing. We simply got behind, such that we have not always had enough coffee to fill every order.

We understand that many of you were becoming frustrated when you placed an order, only to be told that the coffee wasn’t available or having to wait for days to receive it. So, we made the difficult decision to close our online shop until we can get back to full supply of every blend and flavor you love.

While this is likely disappointing to those of you who buy directly from our online shop, we are working hard to keep store shelves full. Please use our Store Finder to see if there’s a store near you that carries Cameron’s Coffee. You could also try or some of the other online retailers that carry Cameron’s Coffee.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and we look forward to getting back on line quickly!