Working on Blends

When choosing a coffee, you may notice there are single origin coffees, and there are blends made up of multiple origins. Here’s a little bit about how blends come to be.


Creating blends using coffees from many different origins is one of the many things I do for Cameron’s. It’s fun, most of the time. When creating a new blend I will have a specific taste or cup profile in mind when I start. The next step is to decide what coffees I will use in the blend. Coffees from different origins bring unique things to the table. For example, Sumatran coffees are known to be big, rich, complex coffees that are earthy, sweet, and wild. Colombian coffees are known for their balanced acidity, sweetness and creamy body. Creating a good blend involves knowing what each type of bean brings to the table and how they’ll complement each other.

I should also note here that the roast level I am targeting for the blend will also be taken into account when I choose the coffees. Certain coffees handle darker roasts better than others, and certain coffees are much better at a lighter roast. Once I decide what coffees I will use, it is time to start blending, roasting, and tasting. Sometimes I get it right on the first try, but usually it takes many variations to find the desired cup.

No matter your taste preferences, we’re confident that we have a carefully crafted blend you’ll love!

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