Chocolate Covered Cherry

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Opening a bag of this scrumptious coffee is as exciting as opening a box of chocolate covered cherries.


  1. Sharon

    It would be 5 stars if only we could buy it in beans instead of ground! I want to make cold brew without all the fuss of messing with ground coffee. PLEASE let us buy the beans!

  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely the best coffee there is!!

  3. Anastasia

    I just purchased one bag of each flavor from the Cameron’s website. Hands down, this is my very favorite flavor. It smells sooooo good, and the taste is very smooth. I love it both hot and iced. I will be stocking up with a case of this.

  4. Anonymous

    The absolute best!

    I started on Cameron’s with Highlander Grog a long time ago, but bought this on a whim a few years back and was blown away! It’s definitely my favorite flavor. I checked out this page because our local grocery distributor stopped carrying this flavor for some reason – so now we’ll have to buy it online.

    Please, Cameron’s, do not ever discontinue this flavor!

  5. Anonymous


    My wife loves this blend but we can no longer find it at the stores in our area. I found out that I could get it by the case by ordering it directly from the Co itself. My wife is in Chocolate Cherry Coffee Heaven again!

  6. Anonymous

    Never another flavor!

    After discovering this fabulous flavor on our local grocery store shelf I haven’t anything else!! Smooth, light, smells divine (truly like a just opened box of Chocolate Covered Cherries!) and tastes like heaven!

  7. Anonymous

    Gifting Cameron’s at Christmas

    Every year our Church Family shares Christmas Cards during the Season. My Wife and I love attaching a Portion Pac of flavored Cameron’s to each card. We get nothing but raves over the wonderful taste of our small gift! Wondering if Cameron’s could have more variety in their Portipn Pac’s?

  8. Anonymous

    Try this as a cold brew!

    I wish this was available in whole beans! My best friends had me over and had made the chocolate covered cherry as a cold brew! It is by far my absolute favorite cold brew coffee!

    I also drink it hot with a bit of vanilla creamer. I found it at a grocery store on a trip and bought all of their bags…it is in a half gallon mason jar sealed. I pull out a week’s worth and seal it again…keeps it fresh. Please consider selling in whole bean it is much more convenient for cold brew!

  9. Anonymous

    With a Cherry on top!

    My wife loves this blend but we can no longer find it at the stores in our area. I found out that I could get it by the case by ordering it directly from the Co itself. My wife is in Chocolate Cherry Coffee Heaven again! Oh, and it makes the house smell great! A WIN, WIN, WIN situation!!!! GET SOME……

  10. Anonymous

    Delicious Surprise!

    Hesitated to try this flavor. I have never tried a fruit flavored coffee. I love it !! Taste just like chocolate covered cherries…so smooth and decadent!!! I highly recommend!Awesome customer service as usual. Love Cameron Coffee!❤

  11. Anonymous

    To DIE FOR!!

    This is the BEST chocolate covered cherry flavored coffe I have ever tasted!!! I’m definitely sticking up on it

  12. Anonymous

    Chocolate Covered Cherry

    We love the chocolate covered cherry coffee. It has as fresh flavor and definite cherry highlights. We love Cameron’s coffees, and the chocolate anndcherry flavor highlights it.

  13. Anonymous

    The Best

    This is the best coffee! Just the right amount of flavor, never bitter.

  14. Anonymous

    Love this coffee –

    Cameron’s Coffee is great to begin with, but the Chocolate Covered Cherry is a real treat. Great flavor without being overpowering. It would be wonderful to have it available in the Eco-brew pods. Hint.

  15. Anonymous

    Great coffee!

    I found the Cameron’s coffee several years ago. The chocolate covered cherries is my favorite but I am disappointed that I can no longer get it in the whole bean. But it won’t stop from enjoying my coffee!

  16. Anonymous

    Delicious… !!!!!

    My wife and I are so pleased with this coffee. The taste is incredible, this is the best chocolate covered Cherry coffee we have ever had. This was our first order with Cameron’s coffee and will definitely not be our last we highly recommend this product.

  17. Anonymous

    Chocolate Covered Cherry

    I love this coffee! The Peppermint coffee is great, too! I only use Cameron coffees as I find they have great flavor and I love the variety. I look forward to my morning coffee and no day would be complete without Cameron’s coffee. I am waiting for a German Chocolate Cake coffee to be offered.


  18. Anonymous

    Choc covered Cherry

    This is my favorite coffee and my guests all
    love it too, the smell emanating through the
    house is divine! Drink cups and cups of this
    every morning, that is was I ordered several
    packages of this, both the beans and the
    ground, there is just nothing likeit. Superb!

  19. Anonymous

    Really good

    I have to say this is one of my favorite flavors to try.

    It’s just one of the flavors I want to try. I’m really loving your coffee. Whether it’s flavored or non-flavored.

    It’s gonna take awhile to try more of your coffee, but I love drinking it in the morning with my breakfast and using the leftover for smoothies.

  20. Anonymous

    Cherriful flavor

    This coffee is the BEST chocolate cherry flavored coffee I have ever tasted! I have tried several other brands and none of them came close to the flavor of this wonderful brew. This is one that I make sure is in my cabinet and marked “not for holidays only.” The smell when you first open the bag is exceptionally delightful and just gets better as it is brewing.

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