Colombian Supremo Coffee 24 pk- 1.75 oz Trial Size


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  • Balanced & Creamy

100% Colombian beans roasted to perfection. With balanced flavor and a creamy finish, this is everything good coffee should be.


Excellent all around

I’ve been drinking this coffee for a month now, WOW!! Wonderful balance, wakes me up in no time at all. My next order will be your new Colombian coffee just to compare with the Supremo. Thank you for making fantastic coffee!!!!!

By Guest on 5/22/2019 7:27 AM

My favorite blend

I have tried many brands, looking for a coffee that at the very least tastes just as good as it smells. Finally, once I landed on Cameron's brand, the smell caught my attention, but the flavor sold me. It not only smells amazing, but somehow, if you can imagine, it tastes even better. I didn't think that was possible, honestly. I make all kinds of coffee, from Cuban or Italian style in a Moka pot, Turkish coffee in a Cezve, Espresso, cappuccino, etc. I have a hand grinder that will do Turkish-fine grounds and I've tried the beans with each, and compared them to the respective brands in those countries. I will say that each coffee has a decent and distinct flavor, but does not compare to Cameron's blends when ground to the correct consistency for that style of coffee. I never truly enjoyed coffee as much as I do now, there was always that weird after-taste, but not with Cameron's. It is truly excellent, for lack of a better word.

By Guest on 3/29/2019 10:06 PM

A Whirlwind of Flavor

I have just experienced heaven in liquid form. Upon splashing onto my tongue, I enjoyed a wonderful foray into taste I have never come close to experiencing before. With happiness only a cup of coffee away, I'm smitten by this blend of coffee!

By John on 4/10/2018 11:20 AM


It is heavenly!!

By Delores on 1/26/2018 9:14 AM


Prior to hearing about Cameron's coffee, I had tried tried a Columbian Supremo of a different brand (which shall remain nameless) and have now tried Cameron's version for comparison. I say that Cameron's is definitely "supreme" to the other brand... and I agree with other reviewers that the flavor of this (as well as Cameron's breakfast blend) are delicious and smooth.

By Guest on 1/15/2018 1:13 PM


Wonderful. Great to have it delivered to the door!!!

By Guest on 12/26/2017 7:52 AM

Smooth Flavor!

Great coffee flavor...smooth without any bitter taste! Nice change from our usual Breakfast Blend. Both flavors are great!

By Guest on 12/3/2017 7:54 PM

Great Coffee...Easy To Order!

Great easy ordering, received with no problems in just a few days...excellent coffee of course!

By Guest on 10/11/2017 8:23 AM


Nice smooth on the palate. We have been trying many brands and varieties to find our favorite. So far this one is at the top of our list :)

By Frances on 5/12/2016 10:51 PM

Best coffee I've ever made!

I stumbled into this at my mom's one weekend. She used whole beans and ground them as she used them. Such a good flavor and aroma! I use a french press, rough grind. By far the best coffee I've ever made! And, I am a big Starbucks snob, but, have not been to Sbux since making my first pot!

By James on 4/13/2016 8:50 AM

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