Decaf French Roast

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This Ethiopian decaffeinated coffee is full of flavor. Its sweet, well rounded body and dark finish make it exceptional.


  1. Anonymous

    Best decaf. I’m also disappointed that Costco isn’t carrying this decaf

  2. Anonymous

    Rich and satisfying it is among the very best decafs I’ve ever had. Sad to see that Costco isn’t carrying the big bags any longer.

  3. Anonymous

    This is great coffee. Wish I could find it in a larger bag. I have found it at our grocery store….Super One. Nice!

  4. Robert

    It is the very best decaf ever.

  5. Anonymous

    Best decaf coffee I’ve ever had

  6. Anonymous

    A gem of a coffee and robust flavor. It is seemingly difficult to find in stores.

  7. Anonymous

    Best Decaf Coffee

    I love Cameron’s French Roast but on days I want a second cup I wish I had a great tasting decaf coffee. I decided to try this decaf version and I’m so glad I did!! It tastes great, highly recommended.

  8. Anonymous

    Great Decaf coffee.

    Hard to find good dark decaf. coffee, Decaf French Roast is bold, rich and refreshing! Great Flavor!

  9. Anonymous

    Decaf French Roast

    Wonderful coffee for those of us who love strong dark coffee but not caffeine.

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