House Blend Coffee


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  • Rich & Clean
Medium ROAST

Blended from our favorite Central American and Indonesian beans, our house blend is so good it should be drunk from a Gold Cup.


Sad the whole bean is gone

I found Gold Cup House Blend 2 lb whole bean coffee and it was my go to coffee until someone decided to change things. It reminds me of the "New Coke" saga. My friends and I bought many bags of this coffee and I would grab 3 bags every time I shopped so I would not run out. They said it was changed due to the uncool name and that it was "so close' to donut shop. Donut shop is not even close, so now I am stuck buying Starbucks. Ground coffee loses its flavor quickly so the small bag of ground is not an option. I am very sad that you ended a good thing. My family is from Minneapolis so I liked supporting a smaller business that did things right. I hope you change your minds and bring it back.

By Guest on 7/2/2018 9:38 AM

My favorite

This is the coffee that got me started on Camerons. Used to be able to get it in the 10oz. 2 lb or bulk whole bean at most stores that carry Camerons. Now I can only find 10oz. ground directly from Camerons. Whats up?????

By Guest on 2/5/2018 7:49 AM

gold cup in the morning

Unbelievable smooth taste mix with some vanilla creamer wow drank 4 cups in an hour

By Guest on 7/2/2017 1:28 AM