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10% Hawaiian coffee and Central & South American coffees. This bright blend is a truly unique coffee with hints of chocolate and nuts.


  1. Anonymous

    I really miss the KONA blend. This was a disappointment and very different!

  2. Anonymous

    I am so disappointed with this roast. It is sharp and acidic and has an awful taste. BRING BACK KONA!!!! PLEEEEAAASE! I will need to find a new coffee….

  3. Anonymous

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE KONA BLEND! The Hawaiian blend is disgusting, not even close to the Kona

  4. Anonymous

    Hawaiian is not Kona Please switch back if you’re able

  5. Anonymous

    5 stars for Kona blend 0 so 1 star for Hawaiian blend ave is 3 but will be 0/1 from now on. Guess I might have to find a new or different brand now since you took away both of y favorite coffee blends you did bring back a version or chocolate that I haven’t gotten around to trying yet but eliminating your BEST blend is something that may send me packing. From the reviews it looks like except for an employee or shill the positives ended when the Hawaiian replaced kona. That should tell you everything you need to know going forward.

  6. Anonymous

    Please bring back the Kona blend. This is not the same coffee. I don’t care for the Hawaiian blend, time to find a new coffee brand:(

  7. Ike

    Why did you recently discontinue the Kona Blend and leave only this Hawaiin blend?? The Kona Blend had been our coffee of choice for at least 2 years because of the quality and flavor. Thsi new Hawaiin blend is not as good… I have now switched to the Costa Rican blend, so please don’t mess this one up!

  8. Anonymous

    Super light. Almost tea like. Tasteless. Wish I could return.

  9. Anonymous

    I bought and loved the Kona blend whole bean light roast for years. I just brewed the last bit I had left, which motivated me to write this review. The Hawaiian blend now sold in the Kona blend’s place is flat and bitter. Of course I purchased 4 28 ounce bags of the Hawaiian blend, not knowing the flavor bears no relation to the Kona blend.

  10. Anonymous

    The new Hawaiian Blend is very much inferior to the Kona Blend. Nice try but you won’t fool this old dog. I’m looking for a new coffee now. Sad because I had been drinking it for years. Bad on you, Cameron’s.

  11. Preston

    I have bought nothing but Cameron’s Kona blend for the past 15 years or so. I don’t know why they felt a need to change it to the Hawaiian blend but it is definitely not as good. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK! You can’t improve on perfection!!!

  12. Anonymous

    just purchased today, taste is somewhat bitter. very disappointed the package dosen’t state percentage of kona beans.

  13. Anonymous

    Don’t know what happened but this is NOT the Kona blend of old. The “old” Kona blend was indeed very mild, aromatic, and quite smooth. This “newL blend is nothing of the sort and to my palate, tastes no different than any number of other rather poor blends of Kona out there. It’s disappointing and sad, as this was my go-to k-cup and now I don’t really have one. I guess it’s back to the grind and fill your own again for me…

  14. Anonymous

    Cameron’s hawaiian blend is really good. It’s smooth flavorful and very easy drinking. You can’t go wrong for the money. It’s my favorite cameron’s coffee by far. But let’s be real , this doesn’t come close in comparison to real kona. Grade extra fancy and preaberry are in a totally different league.

  15. Anonymous

    I Love the cinnamon sugar cookie! I found this for the first time on amazon. I’m glad I found this website, I will order from it next time. Which will be very soon!

  16. Anonymous

    I love this blend, but I’m sorry to see whole bean variety no longer available. Which is why the 4 star instead of 5

  17. Anonymous


    The coffee tastes good, after I finish spooning the grounds floating in my cup after brewing.

  18. Anonymous

    Perfection in a cup

    This is my absolute favorite coffee. You take a sip of it and you’re standing in Hawaii. It’s so fresh and indescribable! Love it with some coconut creamer for an extra treat.

  19. Anonymous

    A Tad Bitter

    The label on the package says “Always smooth, never bitter”. I’d beg to differ.

    I’ll drink it but it does have a bitter twinge to it that is slightly off putting. We’ll try another flavor on our next purchase.

  20. Anonymous

    Simply the Best Kona

    I mix coffee and hot chocolate packets in my K machine. I usually use a medium blend, but this is an amazingly good light blend. Kona rocks. Wish you would offer in larger quantity boxes. I highly recommend this coffee.

  21. Anonymous

    Kona Coffee Great!

    Got my Kona and love it. Only thing I don’t like is 12 piece boxes.. Less packaging if larger size offered. 24 or 48 maybe?
    Any way, thanks. m

  22. Anonymous

    Camerons Kona

    I have loved Camerons coffee since a friend gave me Woods and Waters as a gift. She luced in Minnesota and it was more easily found. But since then I have ordered it and have been trying other flavors. I was given a Kuerig and liked the pods that weren’t all plastic. Just wish I could get Woods and Waters in pods too. Love Camerons coffee.

  23. Anonymous

    Great coffee

    Nothing tastes as good Cameron’s loan. And the smell is incredible
    Buy some

  24. Anonymous

    Fine Grind

    Great flavor. The Grind appears to be a Fine Grind, thus trapping the water longer in the brew basket. I’m used to a courser grind.

  25. Anonymous

    I heart Kona!

    Absolutely my favorite coffee. Ever. I love the flavor! Though I also purchase the Breakfast Blend, I always finish the box of Kona pods first! (Perhaps consider selling this flavor is the giant box at Sam’s Club, too??) Highly recommend!

  26. Anonymous

    The BEST!!!

    I base my opinion of a coffee on the smell, the taste and the aftertaste. Cameron’s Kona Blend has the highest score in each category. I can drink most any coffee, but this is the ONE I truly find delight in drinking and I’m sad there’s not more at the bottom of the cup. It’s also rich enough to brew 12 ounces from one pod without tasting watered down.

  27. Anonymous

    Great Kona

    Great flavor and not to strong just the way Kona tastes hard to find a good Kona blend and this is the one.

  28. Anonymous

    Kona Kona Kona!!!!

    Delicious light blend of coffee. Great for any time; morning noon or evening. One of my favorites…..I just wish they could keep it in stock at my local grocery store!!!

  29. Anonymous

    Great Kona

    This a great coffee. Very smooth and mellow flavor. LOVE the BetterBrew pods, too — genius! I bring this Kona blend out when company comes. Everyone loves the coffee and they all marvel at the pods!! Would love to see more of your coffees come out in the pods!

  30. Anonymous

    Husbands favorite!

    My husband was very quick to let me know this is his favorite coffee. He’s not a huge coffee drinker; doesn’t like real strong coffee but said this is a smoother blend. In his words “It’s awesome!”
    Highly recommend!!

  31. Anonymous

    Great mid day brake.

    A light and sweet taste. It’s color is light, has a pleasant aroma, and is refreshing. Especially afterlunch, since it doesn’t set heavy on your stomach.

    I normally drink darker roasted coffee, but decided to try different styles for my mid day brew.

    I was going for a lighter roast and had tried several companies coffee, found Cameron’s in Menards and gave it a try. By far, the flavor of this roast was much fuller in taste than the top brands I have available.

  32. Anonymous

    Would Recommend

    Would highly recommend this blend! I am not a big coffee drinker, but got these for the Keurig at work as I’ve been relying on a cup of coffee to make it through the day lately.

    I normally add a ton of creamer or milk and sugar to my coffee to drown out the flavor, but I didn’t need to for this one!

    This is the FIRST cup of coffee I’ve been able to finish completely black.

    Mild flavor, would recommend especially for those who are not fond of coffee’s taste.

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