Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend; Case of 6 Coffee 10 oz Ground


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The Blue Mountains are known for their exclusive coffee. You'll go crazy for this coffee's complex flavor and delicate spiciness.


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I saw someone else said they bought JBM because it was on sale. Same thing happened here. And as I sit back and enjoy my morning with a smooth dark cup of coffee, l will continue to wonder why I wasted my time on other brands. Well done, Cameron’s!

By Guest on 9/23/2019 10:59 AM

Nectar of the God's

So, the most recent existing review for this coffee is literally dead on and I had almost the same experience. This is BY FAR, the single best K-CUP brew I've ever had the pleasure of trying. I was also at my local Winco, picking stuff up for the work week and it was my turn to buy the coffee for us guys in the warehouse. I like to try different flavors and brands, and at times it can be a major risk (because certain blends taste completely different brand to brand). I found the Cameron's brand and something about the box, maybe the branding (the whole eco pod thing is awesome!) or the extremely affordable price, I'm not sure, but something called out to my soul and I picked up a box of this Blue Mountain Blend and to be honest, I didn't have very high expectations. I've had Laughing Man, Folgers, Green Mountain, Dunkins, Starbucks etc. and not even kidding there isn't a single one that holds up against this coffee. I was pleasntly surprised upon opening the box to find the K-CUPS sealed in an airtight bag and when I openened this bag - it was as if the sky opened up after a stormy week and the sun washed over me warming my soul. I couldn't brew it fast enough, but once I did - the smell - OH MY GOD the smell, it was incredible! The other guys and I just looked at each other in disbelief, because the aroma was intoxicating. The flavor was unreal! I've had some amazing coffee in my life (my sister and brother-in-law live in Hawaii, so I get legit Kona every once in a while), and this is seriously just as good as fresh ground Kona done with a French Press. The first sip was like heaven, I was transported to another world and it was like the Choirs of Angels were singing only to me. I'm so glad I found this company and this incredible coffee, if you have the chance - try it, you will not be disappointed.

By Guest on 8/16/2019 12:27 PM

If it wasn't on sale...

...I would have continued to miss out on what is probably the best K-CUP brew I have ever had. Needed coffee, was at a local Winco, in the coffee isle, wanting my go-to Peet's Major Dickason's Blend...but it was like over $9, and I didn't have the coin for that at the time. Figured I would try this new (new to me) brand as it had a sale tag, to 'tide-me-over' until I could afford a box of Peet's. We all trade taste and the smell of the coffee bouquet for the convenience of the mighty K-Cup. It's a compromise. When I opened the box, the K-Cups were completely different, and in a sealed bag. Opened the bag, and was greeted with the aroma of...COFFEE?? From a K-Cup format? Oh, I gotta' get this brewin' ASAP! And sure enough, it was fantastic. Probably going to buy a few cases...as let's face it...as this brand gets popular, the price will go up. Even then it *should* be worth it.

By Guest on 5/30/2019 1:10 PM

Amazing JBM Blend!

First of all, I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to coffee! I have roasted my own, and even created a Special Blend of Kona and JBM (known as the White House Blend). That being said, I was very reluctant to go the way of K Cups. This has restored my faith in K Cups. Always felt that they produced WEAK coffee. Not this by any chance! Regardless, of what percentage of 100% JBM is in here, it works well. My true test to trying a coffee is if I can drink it BLACK without any sweeteners. This coffee even had it's own sweetness. BRAVO!!!

By Guest on 3/26/2019 2:37 PM

So smooth and rich

This is the best coffee I have ever bought that is so close to what is brewed in Jamaica. Smooth, rich and never bitter. What a bargain at the price.

By Guest on 3/15/2019 3:53 AM

My new favorite!

I decided to try this coffee and I'm so glad I did! It is my new favorite and this will be what I'm drinking every morning to start my day right. Smooth and delicious. I'm in coffee paradise!

By Guest on 5/29/2018 6:20 PM

My Go-to Flavor!

This is the single best flavor! Takes me back to my trip to Jamaica!

By Guest on 2/28/2018 4:41 PM

New fav! Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

I love the Jamaican blend coffee! So smooth, rich, delish! So good!

By Guest on 1/13/2018 6:53 AM

Keurig compatible

I was about to throw my new keurig in the trash before trying this coffee in the eco pods! Finally something strong enough to brew a good cup of coffee in the keurig! Added bonus is less waste! I highly recommend!

By Guest on 1/8/2018 6:12 AM

Loving ‘Jamaica Blue Mountain ‘

We love this coffee! Wishing you had it in a larger quantity, you have before but I didn’t see it the last time I ordered! This coffee is awesome, I can’t drink any thing else! When I run out, I ‘d rather go without than drink a substitute !! Thanks for offering this blend in the eco pods!

By Rue on 12/22/2017 8:03 AM

Great taste & body.

Would like to be able to purchase in 36 count packaging.

By Guest on 11/27/2017 6:28 AM

Not the worst

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is the best I've ever tasted. Unfortunately the Jamaica (blend) they sent me is more like 95 percent blend. Not even close to the original non blend. But you get what you pay for, and for the price, this coffee is much better than store bought big name products. So, if your looking for real unblended Jamaica Blue Mountain, pay the 100.00 price for 10 oz and be happy.

By Guest on 11/9/2017 10:14 AM

New fan

I bought a bag of Cameron's (Jamaica Blue Mountain) on a whim -- largely because I was looking for a bag of ground coffee to take camping with me, it was comparatively inexpensive (I was at our local Food Lion, whose coffee selection is limited), and my wife's named Cameron. ;-) I made my first cup in a little french press I took on the camping trip, and I didn't measure the grounds -- just dumped more than enough in, added water, steeped, and pressed. I was expecting Folgers or Maxwell House, honestly, and regretting not taking time to find a measuring spoon of some kind. I knew it was going to be bitter and... blah. Imagine my IMMENSE surprise to find that I'd just made one of the best cups of coffee I'd ever sipped! It was rich, it was complex, it was NOT bitter at all. I was in love. In love! So I wasn't particularly surprised to find that, apart from Food Lion -- which usually doesn't stock anything but the old familiars -- the only other local stores carrying Cameron's were the hoity-toity, expensive, "granola" places around town I usually go for decent whole bean, sweating the price. Thank you for making really, REALLY good coffee affordable to the rest of us! Note to fellow fans: This is one of the first coffees I've used where I can tell a big difference between drip and french press. Make it in a press, and make it *strong*.

By Guest on 11/4/2017 7:05 AM

Cameron's Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend - The BEST!

Those of us that use k-cups know that they make a pretty good cup of coffee...when I stumbled across Cameron's Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend at a local grocery, I had to give it a try,,,Jamaica Blue Mountain has a reputation for being THE BEST coffee in the world, and I have to say that I was NOT disappointed. The Eco coffee pods make a WONDERFUL cup of coffee at an ABSURD price point! This coffee would be a good value even at a much higher price. THANK YOU, Cameron's!!! This is the only coffee I will drink from now on.

By Guest on 8/18/2017 10:16 AM

My New Favorite

I had never tried Cameron's coffee before and was a little skeptical, because it's so inexpensive. One of the grocery stores in our town started to carry so I decided to give it a try. Jamaican Blue Mountain blend is rich, smooth and never bitter (even if you reheat it). This is my new favorite coffee and can't wait to try their other blends.

By Lisa on 2/20/2017 8:29 AM

Love this Coffee

My hubby measures his cooFfee in pots and he loves this coffee. I am not a big coffee drinker however this is my go to coffee. It has a good taste without the yuckie after taste that you get with a lot of coffee. We even got our kids hooked on this coffee.

By Beverly on 7/6/2016 9:09 AM

Excellent Coffee

The previous review is not about the coffee - it's about the site. We get this flavor on the regular - it is a staple in our home. Smooth, rich, not bitter, notes of chocolate - really lovely standard cup of joe :)

By Camille on 1/30/2016 11:00 AM


This is great coffee. By far the best Keurig option I have ever found. Bold but not bitter, and very smooth and not watered down.

By Mark on 8/1/2015 12:24 PM

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