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5% Jamaican coffee and South & Central American coffees. You’ll go crazy for this coffee’s complex flavor and delicate spiciness.


  1. Anonymous

    Bought this one at Kroger, and LOVED the EcoPods and the flavor! The smell of it while it was brewing helped me wake right up.

  2. Wendy

    Wonderful blend. It doesn’t need to be “Blue Mountain” to be delicious. Just what I need to get my day started!

  3. Anonymous

    The Blue Mountain Blend was wonderful! It was a special treat; not bitter with a lovely taste. I got it because I’d had Blue Mountain coffee years ago and it is superior. Now I agree with the other people who say that the Jamaican Blend is another story. It’s not bad but it’s not special. It isn’t the gift that the Blue Mountain Blend was.

  4. Anonymous

    I have had true blue mountain and it was the most delicious chocalety aftertaste with very little bitterness, but I’m not a rich man and my wife & I drink ALOT of coffee! I found this brand at sprouts in whole bean and it “reminds me” of the real deal as it has a hint of the real stuff. If you are looking for the real thing go pay up & get it is my opinion. But when you drink as much as us you would need a second job to support the coffee habit. This is not a bad cup of joe for the “average coffee drinker” so glad when I moved to Georgia I was able to find this brand online
    and actually save a few dollars over the sprouts bulk bag of 4lbs. Keep it up guys.

  5. Anonymous

    This is not the Blue Mountain Blend. While it is ok I really wish Cameron’s would have stayed with the Blue Mountain Blend even if it would have cost more.

  6. Anonymous

    Used to love this stuff. Didn’t notice the name change till I read another consumer’s review. But that’s about the time it became kinda icky. Not enjoyable anymore.

  7. Anonymous

    I first bought a bag of Jamaican Blend in, probably, July 2021. Absolutely loved it. Smooth, buttery, just a wonderful cup of coffee. Got a second bag in September. It was completely different. The flavor went from something special to, well, average. maybe below average. Not horrible, but it left me with no reason to buy any more. Very disappointing.

  8. Anonymous

    Product Change Warning!
    From the best Jamaican “Blue Mountain” to the worst Jamaican “Blend” What happened Cameron’s? Blend is tasteless.

  9. Cairo

    Definitely a new favorite. Looking forward to trying all the flavors Cameron’s has to offer. It actually reminds me of my mom’s side of the family and our cultural roots.

  10. Anonymous

    Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend

    I’m from Hawaii so100% Kona Coffee & 100% & Ka’u Coffee are always served at home & the place I frequent.. But I’ve tasted 100% Jamaica BM. And it’s not a coffee that I can always consume & enjoy. I also enjoy Costa Rican coffee as well. But your JBM blend is quite superb! I do love the smoothness & full flavor! Would I buy it again? Absolutely! Would I recommended it to others? Absolutely!

  11. Anonymous

    I’m Hooked

    Just tried this brand and flavor of this coffee and I’m totally hooked!! I love the full body no bitter taste and it’s so good with my favorite creamers. I bought it because it was on sale , but now I will buy it even if it’s not on sale …

  12. Anonymous

    EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

    I received this as a birthday present from my daughter’s Father. Aside from my daughter, who is the LOVE of my Life, this coffee is one of the BEST Gifts I have ever received from him. We are coffeeholics! It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am HAPPY beyond belief. 🙂 Thank you so much for having such a Wonderful and Delicious product!

  13. Anonymous

    The best

    Like many I tried this when I couldn’t fin my normal k cup, and dannnng. This is best tasting coffee I’ve ever had. I thought losing a little taste for convenience was pretty much how all k cups were, but these are different. They taste like the best cup u could ever brew

  14. Anonymous

    As close to being there

    The person who called this swill must have been very unlucky indeed as I have had my share of actual the Blue man served in Negril, this is AS good as it is down there. Hardly qualifies as “swill”. Very good black, no cream or sweeteners needed. Excellent job Cameron’s! Takes me back every sip.

  15. Anonymous

    Best Coffee Ever!

    I was out of my regular brand of K-cups and not wanting to go into a big box store during the pandemic, I found Cameron’s Blue Mountain Blend on the shelf at a little local grocery store. Just brewed my first cup. WOW! It is amazing. Tastes like good coffee should taste. Rich, flavorful, not bitter! I am hooked! The fact that Cameron’s cup Is compostable is a real plus. Ordering some more today. Thanks for a great product!

  16. Anonymous

    Just What I’ve Been Looking For

    I’m a barista and have been trying to explore new coffee types and techniques since being home from work. I recently bought a french press and chose this to go with it and it’s perfect. I did 4 Tbs. coffee grinds to about 2.5 c. boiling water and allowed it to set 8 minutes before pressing and serving . The smell is amazing and it came out so creamy and delicious with light floral notes and a silky full-bodied but not at all bitter toast.

  17. Anonymous

    Wonderful memories drinking this coffee

    Whenever I see a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee I get excited to try it. Often it is a disappointment. So I was very pleased after finding this at my local market and just had my first cup. WOW! This takes me back to the first time I was introduced to this coffee. In the early seventies I lived in a beach community and I shopped at a local farmer’s market. There was a coffee seller there who told me that he had a blend I would love. Based on, of course, JBM. It became the only coffee I was drinking and I could drink it all day long it was so good. So everything after that was measured by that experience. Thank you for producing a blend as close to that as I have found in all the years between. You have a NEW FAN!

  18. Anonymous

    What did anyone expect?

    If you know about Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, you know about the strict standards about the brand. I do love this coffee, however. True, its not the REAL deal, but it is a GOOD deal. Weekends in our house are made for 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Weekdays are made for Cameron’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend!

  19. Anonymous

    Just Right!

    My wife purchased this coffee and although I’m not a fan of the k-cups and Keurig, the look of the eco pod and the fact that it’s not a plastic cup, made me decide to try it. As I type this, I’m sitting with my coffee and am blown away by the flavor. No bitterness, I’d say it’s in between mild and bold, and I’m hooked! This is my new favorite! My wife took a chance buying it, but I’m glad she did!!! Thank you Cameron’s for making a great cup of coffee!

  20. Anonymous

    Honestly some of the best

    I also bought this coffee because it was on sale, and I was blown away. I’m serious. It made my afternoon better at work drinking this delicious cup of coffee.. keep it up.

  21. Anonymous

    The best!

    This is the best tasting coffee ever! It may not be a true Jamaican coffee as others have noted but you will not be disappointed. Beautifully smooth fresh taste and the aroma is amazing….try it. You will not be disappointed.

  22. Anonymous

    Read the reviews!

    I saw someone else said they bought JBM because it was on sale. Same thing happened here. And as I sit back and enjoy my morning with a smooth dark cup of coffee, l will continue to wonder why I wasted my time on other brands. Well done, Cameron’s!

  23. Anonymous

    Very flavorful

    My wife and I truly enjoyed the Blue Mountain blend.

  24. Anonymous

    Jamaican or not… it’s a good blend

    Not familiar with pure Jamaican blue mountain… so I cannot compare. However, for a medium blend I find it to be relatively smooth ( very little bitterness) with nice flavor. I prefer mild coffee and generally stray from bitter chalky aftertaste blends. This is making its way into my rotation. Solid in its own class as a blend.

  25. Anonymous

    Maybe not True Blue but…

    Much smoother than other dark roasts I’ve tried….Especially dark roasts from the US West coast firms.
    I’m old school and, way back, we enjoyed other herbs from the Jamaican hills and liked them as well.
    Wonderful island and people.
    I’d buy this again from Cameron’s.

  26. Anonymous

    No comparison

    It’s ok, but Blue Mountain Jamaican it is not. If you’ve ever had the real thing then there’s no comparison…

  27. Anonymous

    If it wasn’t on sale…

    …I would have continued to miss out on what is probably the best K-CUP brew I have ever had.

    Needed coffee, was at a local Winco, in the coffee isle, wanting my go-to Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend…but it was like over $9, and I didn’t have the coin for that at the time. Figured I would try this new (new to me) brand as it had a sale tag, to ‘tide-me-over’ until I could afford a box of Peet’s.

    We all trade taste and the smell of the coffee bouquet for the convenience of the mighty K-Cup. It’s a compromise. When I opened the box, the K-Cups were completely different, and in a sealed bag. Opened the bag, and was greeted with the aroma of…COFFEE?? From a K-Cup format?

    Oh, I gotta’ get this brewin’ ASAP! And sure enough, it was fantastic. Probably going to buy a few cases…as let’s face it…as this brand gets popular, the price will go up. Even then it *should* be worth it.

  28. Anonymous

    Amazing JBM Blend!

    First of all, I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to coffee! I have roasted my own, and even created a Special Blend of Kona and JBM (known as the White House Blend). That being said, I was very reluctant to go the way of K Cups.
    This has restored my faith in K Cups. Always felt that they produced WEAK coffee. Not this by any chance! Regardless, of what percentage of 100% JBM is in here, it works well. My true test to trying a coffee is if I can drink it BLACK without any sweeteners. This coffee even had it’s own sweetness. BRAVO!!!

  29. Anonymous

    So smooth and rich

    This is the best coffee I have ever bought that is so close to what is brewed in Jamaica. Smooth, rich and never bitter. What a bargain at the price.

  30. Anonymous

    My friend Winston grew Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica

    Hah! Initially, I was so excited to find this coffee in my local Maine Hannaford, I bought every bag off the shelf. After reading the package, I could only hope that the “blend” contained enough of the real beans to give the brewed coffee that wonderful smooth, dark-but-mild taste that impressed me so much when Winston first gave me some of his precious beans back in 1992, (just after Air Jamaica went out of business- Winston was an airline pilot who had been supplementing his income by growing coffee on the beautiful island). I haven’t seen him in years but I haven’t forgotten what that coffee tasted like, AND THIS AIN’T IT, FOLKS!!!

  31. Anonymous

    Great Blend of Coffee

    I love Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, but pure Jamaican is not in my budget. This blend captures the fruitiness of Jamaican without the sticker shock. Thanks for making it. I wish it was easier to find in stores.

  32. Anonymous

    Great Coffee

    I know nothing about “REAL” Jamaica blue mountain coffee, However I love dark roast and have tried many many pods of medium and dark roast.
    After a coupon from Hannaford store tried this blend and have not bought another dark roast since.
    Thank You!

  33. Anonymous

    I didn’t particularly care for this coffee at first

    I didn’t particularly care for this coffee at first but then it grew on me, there is just something about the taste and I can’t really place it, but I love this coffee. I am under no illusions that True Blue Mountain taste different but I’ve never tried it so this is the closest I can get and I can dream about the rest. I love this coffee

  34. Anonymous


    I took a chance on this coffee that the blend would include a significant amount of Jamaica Blue Mountain beans. I was wrong. Although it is not a bad coffee, the packaging is definitely misleading. Will not buy this brand again.

  35. Anonymous

    My new favorite!

    I decided to try this coffee and I’m so glad I did! It is my new favorite and this will be what I’m drinking every morning to start my day right. Smooth and delicious. I’m in coffee paradise!

  36. Anonymous

    Jamaica me remember

    At first I did not like this coffee, I tasted chicory. But it made me think Jamaican / New Orleans….so I put chocolate like the Jamaicans do and it was wonderful.

  37. Anonymous

    Not Jamaican

    Sorry to say I do not like this coffee. I too thought this would be a true Blue Mountain but upon review it is 100% superior grade Arabica i doubt much is actually from Jamaica and they don’t break it out. To me it’s not velvety enough and too bitter. Sorry.

  38. Anonymous


    Makes a great cup of coffee!!

  39. Anonymous

    My Go-to Flavor!

    This is the single best flavor! Takes me back to my trip to Jamaica!

  40. Anonymous

    New fav! Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

    I love the Jamaican blend coffee! So smooth, rich, delish! So good!

  41. Anonymous

    Keurig compatible

    I was about to throw my new keurig in the trash before trying this coffee in the eco pods! Finally something strong enough to brew a good cup of coffee in the keurig! Added bonus is less waste! I highly recommend!

  42. Anonymous

    Loving ‘Jamaica Blue Mountain ‘

    We love this coffee! Wishing you had it in a larger quantity, you have before but I didn’t see it the last time I ordered! This coffee is awesome, I can’t drink any thing else! When I run out, I ‘d rather go without than drink a substitute !! Thanks for offering this blend in the eco pods!

  43. Anonymous

    Excellent Blend

    With the realization that this is not 100% blue mountain, this blend is smooth, without bitterness and still has the basic flavor of blue mountain. This is from a person who knows the flavor of true blue mountain coffee!

  44. Anonymous

    Great taste & body.

    Would like to be able to purchase in 36 count packaging.

  45. Anonymous

    Not the worst

    Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is the best I’ve ever tasted. Unfortunately the Jamaica (blend) they sent me is more like 95 percent blend. Not even close to the original non blend. But you get what you pay for, and for the price, this coffee is much better than store bought big name products. So, if your looking for real unblended Jamaica Blue Mountain, pay the 100.00 price for 10 oz and be happy.

  46. Anonymous

    New fan

    I bought a bag of Cameron’s (Jamaica Blue Mountain) on a whim — largely because I was looking for a bag of ground coffee to take camping with me, it was comparatively inexpensive (I was at our local Food Lion, whose coffee selection is limited), and my wife’s named Cameron. 😉

    I made my first cup in a little french press I took on the camping trip, and I didn’t measure the grounds — just dumped more than enough in, added water, steeped, and pressed. I was expecting Folgers or Maxwell House, honestly, and regretting not taking time to find a measuring spoon of some kind. I knew it was going to be bitter and… blah.

    Imagine my IMMENSE surprise to find that I’d just made one of the best cups of coffee I’d ever sipped! It was rich, it was complex, it was NOT bitter at all. I was in love. In love!

    So I wasn’t particularly surprised to find that, apart from Food Lion — which usually doesn’t stock anything but the old familiars — the only other local stores carrying Cameron’s were the hoity-toity, expensive, “granola” places around town I usually go for decent whole bean, sweating the price.

    Thank you for making really, REALLY good coffee affordable to the rest of us!

    Note to fellow fans: This is one of the first coffees I’ve used where I can tell a big difference between drip and french press. Make it in a press, and make it *strong*.

  47. Anonymous

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend – Surprisingly great!

    I love coffee – kcups, whole bean, ground – all varieties and various brewing methods. I tried this in the kcup version and found it to be amazing. It’s smooth and there’s no bitterness at all. I’m usually a dark roast fan, but this blend hits all the bases for me. Thanks for a wonderful product!

  48. Anonymous

    not even “Blue Mountain”

    if you rate this 5 stars and its your new favorite coffee…that’s fine. If you like the flavor, you like the flavor, so be it…no problem to each his own. However…IF you are looking for a TRUE Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, this is NOT it…! This is the most disgusting “blue mountain” ive ever had in my life, and even though I was aware that it is a “blend” as stated on the bag, I had no idea that Camerons probably puts only 1 blue mountain bean to every hundred of their medium roast Arabica, thereby there is NO Jamaican flavor whats so ever. This review is for someone who Truly KNOWS what Blue Mountain coffee tastes like, which general will cost $40.00+ for 10-12 oz. Im not sure I can even finish the bag, its so disgusting, and im so disappointed 🙁

  49. Anonymous

    Cameron’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend – The BEST!

    Those of us that use k-cups know that they make a pretty good cup of coffee…when I stumbled across Cameron’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend at a local grocery, I had to give it a try,,,Jamaica Blue Mountain has a reputation for being THE BEST coffee in the world, and I have to say that I was NOT disappointed. The Eco coffee pods make a WONDERFUL cup of coffee at an ABSURD price point! This coffee would be a good value even at a much higher price. THANK YOU, Cameron’s!!! This is the only coffee I will drink from now on.

  50. Anonymous

    My New Favorite

    I had never tried Cameron’s coffee before and was a little skeptical, because it’s so inexpensive. One of the grocery stores in our town started to carry so I decided to give it a try. Jamaican Blue Mountain blend is rich, smooth and never bitter (even if you reheat it). This is my new favorite coffee and can’t wait to try their other blends.

  51. Anonymous

    Excellent Coffee

    The previous review is not about the coffee – it’s about the site. We get this flavor on the regular – it is a staple in our home.

    Smooth, rich, not bitter, notes of chocolate – really lovely standard cup of joe 🙂

  52. Anonymous


    This is great coffee. By far the best Keurig option I have ever found. Bold but not bitter, and very smooth and not watered down.

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