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Proudly Crafting America’s Best Home-Brewed Coffee

We’re Cameron’s Coffee, and we get it: the more satisfying your sips, the more delightful your days. That’s why we see the world as a mug-half-full kind of place—with the next enchanting roast to entice your senses and brighten the color of your day. Roasted with small town heart in Shakopee, Minnesota, we bring you straight-up full-flavor coffee that’s always smooth and never bitter.

Here’s to fantastic coffee, perfectly roasted blends, and the devoted coffee fans who appreciate a truly superior cup of coffee.


Proudly crafting America’s best home-brewed coffee.



Cameron’s Coffee doesn’t operate any coffee shops, or conjure up any coffee-house style foaming concoctions. We are focused on one thing—making the very best coffee for you to enjoy at home. Coffee that’s consistently full-flavored and always smooth, never bitter. This purpose drives everything we do, and that takes dedication and constant attention to detail. But it delivers exactly what our most loyal fans want—great coffee that stands on its own.


We specialize in great people and great coffee. We may not be the biggest, the boldest, or the artsiest coffee company. The most fun? Maybe. The most passionate? We like to think so. And that passion is backed up with serious industry expertise. We have the finest, most dedicated people in the coffee-making biz, with countless years sourcing beans, roasting, cupping, and more. Let’s just say, when it comes to coffee, we have it covered.


We don’t take coffee lightly (not even when it’s a light roast!). We start with the finest beans the world has to offer, and we roast them with custom technology that is top of the line. Through careful hands-on techniques and constant attention to roasting each blend at the perfect temperature, we’re able to bring out the beans’ full flavor without any of the bitterness.


There’s a right way to making fantastic coffee. Or an easy way. We always choose the right way, at every step. We’re always looking for a better way to do things, from the farm to the roasterie to the innovative packaging that delivers your coveted coffee. It’s why our packaging process eliminates 99% of oxygen (the enemy of great coffee). It’s why we didn’t cash in on the K-Cup craze years ago, but instead found a way to make filter-bottomed single-serve coffees without the plastic aftertaste. It’s also why we’re one of the greenest facilities in the world—because we’re always looking ahead to how we can make a better cup of coffee, and a better world, too.

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In 1978, Janie and Jim Cameron couldn’t find good coffee anywhere within 100 miles. So Jim made it his mission to bring specialty coffee (normally found in coffeehouses) to local grocery stores, so you can enjoy exceptional coffee at home, every day.

Our next company leader, Bill Kirkpatrick, came to Cameron’s through a little soul-searching. Years ago, Bill came to a turning point in his corporate career and had to decide what to do next. After several weeks of reflection, Bill’s wife, Lisa, asked, “Bill what do you want to do?” When Bill listed off several companies where he has mentors and friends, Lisa once again asked, “Bill what do you really want to do?” Bill somewhat jokingly said, “Well, I’d start a coffee company.” And Lisa, in all seriousness, responded, “Well, go start your coffee company.”

So in 1993, Bill acquired Cameron’s Coffee. With a vision for bringing superior coffee to larger, coffee-savvy audiences, he expanded the local Cameron’s coffee roasterie into a state-of-the-art roasterie, still in use today. Today the Cameron’s facility in Shakopee, MN, is one of the coolest coffee facilities in the country. The entire staff enjoys delivering the best cups of coffee in the world, and having fun as we do it.

Cameron’s Timeline

Cameron's Coffee original logo


Jim and Janie Cameron begin building their dream of a specialty coffee company

Lake outside Hayward, WI


Cameron’s Coffee founded in Hayward, WI

Coffee shop


Opened first, and only, Cameron’s Coffee shop to sell coffee products to the community

Byerly's Logo


Cameron’s first retail partnership begins with Byerly’s supermarkets

Cameron's Coffee original logo


Cameron’s Coffee acquired and the coffee love continues

New Cameron's Coffee location


Minnesota roasterie opens in Shakopee and the real magic begins

EcoPods original packaging


Cameron’s launches EcoPods—single serve, filter-brewed, earth-friendly design

Rebranded Cameron's Coffee packaging


Cameron’s updates its packaging to reflect its cheery, friendly personality