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Creme Brulee Latte

I don't know why this flavor is considered a "holiday" flavor when it would be desirable all year long.  I found it at a fairly new store in my area and bought a box.  After trying it, I went back for more, but it was gone.  That's what prompted me to look for it on line.  I love it and alternate days with my other favorite coffee flavor.  Please always carry this flavor!

By: Guest on 1/9/2018 9:01 AM


This is my favorite holiday coffee. It never disappoints!

By: Cherie on 12/23/2017 4:50 PM

Coffee Lady

Great flavor.  Wish it was available year around.

By: Elaine on 11/23/2017 8:22 AM

Down right delicious..

Cameron's hit it out of the box with this flavor &  look forward it every year. They run out so quickly, when it came back in stock, I got a few bags.  It's Happy Holidays with Creme Brulee Latte!!  

By: Guest on 11/16/2017 12:39 PM

Delightfully tasty

I just made a trip to my local Hy-Vee tonight and saw this flavor.  Remembering my creme broulee from the Vegas casino buffets, I decided to give this coffee a try.  It tastes surprisingly like I'd expect a creme broulee coffee to taste.  It's smooth, and not bitter, as you'd expect a Cameron's coffee to be, and the flavor is rich and full.  I love it.  Well played, Camerons.

By: Kat on 10/14/2017 9:51 PM


This may be my new favorite flavor!!!  This has a wonderful flavor and is perfect for cold fall and winter mornings!!

By: Kathleen on 10/18/2016 11:30 AM

This should be available the whole year!!!

My sister had this at her house and brought it to the daycare so we could try it.  Let's just say that this is some of the best coffee I have had!  I pair it up with 1 squirt of caramel and some caramel macchiato creamer and I am in heaven!  My daycare parents agree this coffee is awesome!  Can't wait until it comes out again as we are out!!!  We love Cameron's coffee and would love to offer this more to our daycare parents!

By: Stacie on 5/19/2016 7:20 AM