How We Roast


Our Roastmaster handcrafts every unique Cameron’s blend with coffee beans we source from around the world. We only use 100% Arabica specialty-grade beans—the best, the top 10%—so you get that smooth, full-flavor coffee every time.

Cameron's Coffee packaging

So how does a world-class roastmaster bring together consistently well-rounded coffee blends?

First, he develops the target aroma and taste profile of the coffee he is about to create. Then he roasts the specific beans and adjusts the proportions until he finds the perfect character for that blend. For example, for the new Roastmaster’s Blend, our Roastmaster Patrick Dinkins wanted to build a blend around one of his favorite coffees from Africa. He carefully combined beans that would allow that coffee to come through in the cup, resulting in a sweet, earthy, bright, balanced aftertaste.

Of course, the process of developing blends from scratch also includes—you guessed it—lots and lots of coffee tasting. (We’ll let you know when we’re accepting applications for this dream job.)

The Result?

Premium coffee that’s always smooth and never bitter.

Coffee cup

We small batch roast all our coffees in specially-designed European-style roasters.

Our roasters combine drum and convection technologies to create dark, rich coffees with no bean tipping or scorching. Our custom drums recirculate heat to precisely manage airflow and evenly roast those luscious beans, all while reducing energy and producing cleaner emissions for our neighbors and environment.

Cool It!

Along with our kinder, gentler roasting, we protect the quality of our beans through to the end, with a better cooling process. Our proprietary process cools our beans quickly and evenly, with minimal air exposure, for optimal freshness.

Coffee beans

The final result is a carefully chosen, expertly roasted blend of specialty grade coffee beans—handcrafted by people who love coffee and love what they do!

Try a new blend of Cameron’s specialty coffee and taste the full-flavor difference for yourself!

Cameron's Organic French Roast Ecopod

Innovations in Coffee

We constantly invest in new technologies—whether that’s in our blends, on the farm, in our plant, or even how your coffee is packaged for you to take home. Thankfully, the caffeine at Cameron’s keeps our creative juices going!

We’re especially proud of our EcoPods, a single-serve that brews your coffee through a filter, not a plastic cup—delivering richer flavor without the plastic waste.