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Toasted Southern Pecan


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Show your best hospitality by serving this smooth coffee with the taste of sweet, toasted Georgia pecans.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am obsessed with this coffee. The smell the taste there texture…just amazing!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I love this coffee I found it in n Az at Bashas but looking at your website I see the packaging is different and wondering if it’s old or idk. It’s all red and doesn’t say organic does someone know ?

  3. Anonymous

    Omgaaa this is the bomb

    Just found this today at Meijer’s, it is sooo good. and doesnt leave my stomach feeling nauseous liek way too many do.
    i am in love with this, i use ‘natural bliss salted caramel creamer, about half a tbsp with this, and its INSANE.

  4. Anonymous

    Awesome Pecan flavor

    Nutty, southern deliciousness. A real morning treat.

  5. Anonymous

    Awesome Coffee!

    The best tasting pecan coffee ever! Amazing flavor!!

  6. Anonymous

    Tastes great but artificially flavored

    I love this coffee but the label says “artificial flavoring”. That seems like a bad thing for an organic specialty coffee like this. I would try it again if natural flavors could be used.

  7. Anonymous

    Won’t buy any other coffee

    Stumbled upon this coffee at Menards of all places. I knew I was running low on coffee but didn’t want to make an extra stop at the grocery store. Honestly, the best coffee I’ve ever made at home. This is all I will buy from now on. It has a great nutty flavor without tasting artificial (which is my main complaint about Caribou coffee which I drank regularly before).

  8. Anonymous

    A Sunday Morning Favorite

    I’ve been drinking this coffee for years. As some have mentioned, there have been some ups and downs with the flavor. However, buying the whole bean and grinding each batch and brewing with clean filtered water for the most consistent brew has proven to be the key. It is my favorite aroma to wake up to. Cameron’s is truly the best part of waking up…not that other brand. Living in Arizona now, it is more difficult to come by, whether whole bean or ground or in anything above 12 ounces. That said, now that we are ordering online, the 4lb whole bean is a decent value.

  9. Anonymous

    Looked Everywhere for a Pecan Flavored Coffee

    We like to travel and one of our favorite stops, is in Texas, just so that we can get Texas Pecan Coffee. Then low and behold we were at our favorite grocery store this past weekend and we were looking at the different brands of coffee, and we seen your Toasted Southern Pecan. We decided to try it. Let me tell you the taste is smooth, and even after brewing in my big coffee urn (which by the way is 40 cups) the flavor of the pecans is amazing. I just happened to get on your website to leave a question about getting it in a larger container and you already have them. I know where I will be purchasing my coffee from now on. Thank you for making a coffee that I am able to drink on a daily basis and it not upset my stomach.

  10. Anonymous

    Got to have it!

    We love this flavor! we tried some of the other Cameron coffees at a Schnucks groceries in Newburgh Indiana, and Evansville Indiana but they seen to be out of there bulk coffees and that’s the only way we can get it, the management from St louis said they are not going to stock it anymore so I’m glad we can order it direct.
    Until our order comes in we will suffer. We like it better than Starbucks.

  11. Anonymous

    I’m nuts about this flavor!

    I love this flavor coffee. I use the Southern Butter Pecan creamer by International Delight with this. Yummy!

  12. Anonymous


    My husband and I just LOVE this flavor. I have tried other flavors but always come back to this one.

  13. Anonymous

    So disappointing

    Tried the ground. It was awful. Now I can’t get past the smell of it in the bag to try it again. Reading the good reviews is troubling because I cannot waste more money hoping for a good batch.

  14. Anonymous

    Toasted Southern Pecan went south

    I used to enjoy this but I don’t know if I’ll buy it again. The flavor is not there anymore; the last 3 times I bought it the tasted was terrible, no pecan flavor and the bag did not smell right when I opened them. Tried a few more times and it is now strike three, you’re out.

  15. Anonymous

    Simply Wonderful

    I’m a terrible coffee snob and this is one of the very few coffees that I will drink every day. The flavor is subtle, but rich and nutty, and it’s smooth every single time. Found out about Cameron’s on a trip up North where they were handing out samples and I was blown away by how good the coffee was with absolutely nothing added to it. I’m hooked and will keep buying Cameron’s. Thank you for making my mornings so lovely!

  16. Anonymous

    Stellar Taste

    OMG. It is so delicious. I have a cup every day!

  17. Anonymous

    Love it!

    This is my favorite coffee!! It’s great in the Aeropress!

  18. Anonymous

    Going South

    Toasted Southern Pecan used to be really good.
    Now it has lost its flavor, and it looks to be roasted differently.
    Would like to see the company address this.
    Maybe just a bad batch.

  19. Anonymous

    Love it!

    This is my absolute favorite! Hate it when the store runs out.

  20. Anonymous

    Love the taste of this

    Yummy! A great taste, rich but mild. I can’t decide if it is my favorite, so I will have to buy more than the sample packet to find out 🙂

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