Vanilla Hazelnut

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Premium Arabica beans mixed with rich vanilla and zesty hazelnuts. This is no plain vanilla coffee.


  1. Anonymous

    Great tasting! My go-to. I love it!

  2. Anonymous

    We were introduced to your coffee at my friend’s mother’s Christmas party. My wife and I have been your customers since 2007. We moved from MN to CO in 2010 and been purchasing it on our return trips to visit friend to visit friends & family. We don’t make as many trips lately. Your option to buy online has allowed us to continue to enjoy your coffee every day. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous

    AMAZING! My new go to.

    Tried this for the first time this morning. Bought it because my go to was out of stock…now, I have a NEW go to. This is so delicious, smooth, flavorful and the natural pod is a HUGE bonus. Thanks for making this girls’ morning.

  4. Anonymous

    The best ever

    I bought this coffee and I loved it now I’m hooked, I have tried other brands but they don’t satisfy me and they even give me heart burn. My house smells delicious and feels very relaxing. Cameron’s is the best.

  5. Anonymous

    Absolutely Love It…

    My wife was on a trip to Minnesota to visit her “Scentsy” family and brought this coffee back to California. We are both coffee lovers and high recommend this coffee to everyone.

  6. Anonymous

    Amazing coffee and love the cups!

    I have fallen in love with this coffee!! My mom made me some while I was at her house and it was like oh my goodness what is this!! I raved about it so much that she sent me home with what she had left. Smells amazing and tastes amazing!! You have to try it!!

  7. Anonymous

    My New Favorite Coffee!!!!

    I had recently found this coffee at a grocery store I frequently shop and me and my boyfriend saw this brand and gave it a try. It was the best decision of our lives, we were drinking a different brand of Vanilla Hazelnut and it was good but we were always dumping sugar and cream in it, then we tried this and oh my god when it was brewing it smelled so incredible. The best thing, I didn’t need to add all that sugar or creamer, two scoops of sugar and I’m good to go…I love that this brand is like that that I can drink a coffee black when normally I make mine so white it almost looks like milk. If I could give this coffee a million stars I would. I even suggested this brand to a waitress at a restaurant I was at just recently.

  8. Anonymous

    Cameron’s vanilla hazelnut coffee pods

    The best tasting coffee by far used in a Keurig and love the natural pod not plastic!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    My Favorite Coffee EVER

    This coffee isn’t just my favorite because of the delicious and smooth hazelnut flavor. It’s also my favorite because it was this coffee that trained my taste buds as to what coffee is supposed to taste like! Before this, I was all about dark roasts, thinking they were the best. Then, once I started drinking Cameron’s Vanilla Hazelnut, a nice *light* roast for comparison, I realized what dark roasts are… bad coffee beans, burnt black to make up for the lack of good flavor. I have never gone back to the dark side. I also cold brew and usually drink over ice, and I think it makes this coffee’s flavor even smoother. Also, while I get a good hazelnut taste when I take it black, on the rare occasion I add milk or regular creamer, I think it accentuates the hazelnut even more. I should make more effort to branch out and try more of Cameron’s other flavors (did NOT enjoy Chocolate Covered Cherry), but Vanilla Hazelnut is my ‘go to’ coffee. It never disappoints.

  10. Anonymous

    Best Vanilla Hazelnut coffee Hazelnut I’ve ever tried

    Choose this for my first time buying Cameron’s coffee (as I know everyone raves about the Highlander Grog) and it was my favorite!! I even bought Starbucks French Vanilla right after and it just doesn’t compare (too bitter). Cameron’s coffee is amazingly smooth, and now that I’m becoming a coffee connoisseur I no longer care for Starbucks because they burn they’re beans. Cameron’s has such complex flavors that I have yet to try a lot more, but this one has the perfect amount of flavor from each vanilla and hazelnut, and like stated in previous comments, neither is overwhelming or fake. Definitely buying again (And it takes a lot for me to buy something more than once as I like to try so many different things!!!)

  11. Anonymous

    Perfect Flavor

    This is the best hazelnut coffee. The flavor is really smooth and doesn’t taste fake, and the coffee is a good medium-strength that doesn’t get washed out by adding milk. This is a new staple for me.

  12. Anonymous

    So smooth

    Been buying this bean for two years. Can’t get enough. It’s smooth, has great combo flavor (vanilla and hazelnut) and mixes it so well, neither is overwhelming.

    4 lb option makes it even better!

  13. Anonymous

    Love this coffee!!

    The taste and aroma is amazing and makes my coffee in the morning so much more enjoyable!! I am so excited that I can buy the eco pods in this delicious flavor!!

  14. Anonymous

    My Favorite

    Cameron’s makes the best coffee and this is my favorite! Thank you for making it available online. Since we have moved out of state, I can still enjoy it.

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