Velvet Moon  Coffee 12 ct Single Serve


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Designed by our Master Roaster, this is a full-bodied espresso roast that you'll love to the moon and back.


Velvet Moon

A friend gifted me some of this coffee a year ago, and it is still the smoothest and richest coffee I have ever tasted. Thank you so much!

By Guest on 12/20/2017 9:25 AM

Velvet Moon

I discovered it several years ago, tried many others, but this is the best in taste and smoothness for a dark blend.

By Guest on 12/3/2017 8:54 AM

The best....but

Please, please, please offer all your pods in the 72-ct size. Cameron’s is the only brand I buy, but I would appreciate all the flavors in this size

By Guest on 10/8/2017 6:22 AM

Velvet Moon - The best coffee EVER!

I was actually at a Bed & Breakfast in Northfield, MN when I was introduced to Velvet Moon. The innkeeper ground it herself, but it was the best cup of coffee I had ever had! Its hard to find it ground in my area here in Iowa. But I have the K-cups at home so that's not a problem. Now about my office...

By Kenneth on 9/26/2017 8:54 PM

We love Cameron's but not Velvet Moon

This was my first order of Cameron's and we ordered the Velvet Moon and the Organic French Roast. We LOVE the Organic French Roast, we have found our match. The Velvet Moon was not for us. I can't explain what specific about the taste we didn't care for, we just didn't like it. But I'm giving Cameron's 5 stars because the quality is incredible and the coffee is amazing for the right person.

By Misty on 8/28/2017 9:14 AM

The best!

I took some home to California for the holidays and now my family is hooked. The Moon is the best! It's smooth and rich, just what coffee should be.

By Guest on 6/24/2017 5:41 PM

French Press Person First Choice

This is the only coffee I will use in a Keurig. I found Velvet Moon by accident now use by choice!

By Guest on 6/17/2017 11:32 AM


Dark and a smooth finish without the more acid-harsh finish. We bought 6 bags last time, time to get 6 more! Slightly darker than Donut shop which is my favorite.

By David on 3/14/2017 3:29 PM

Aptly Named

I think I said "wow" out loud when I first tasted this, and my first thought was that the name "Velvet" made perfect sense for this coffee. Excellent coffee.

By Michelle on 11/30/2016 2:43 PM

Predicting greater future

Your espresso darkness is perfection this is my favorite, then the organic espresso, then organic French.. you have long shelving so why are you running out in time for the holidays... MarketWatch works as I panic!! LOVE, NEED, and WANTED, hurt your order wasn't for greater amounts than what your needs predicting!!

By Nancy on 11/20/2016 12:36 PM

Absolutely heavenly aroma

This is by far my favorite coffee. I love my keurig because of the freshness of the coffee. The plastic pods have a mild plastic taste and come out watery for most of the flow from the machine . Not so with Cameron's pods ! And I love the six pods packed together, two packages of six per box to keep it so fresh. The aroma of the velvet moon is absolutely heavenly, my nose goes right to the package each time I open it. This comes out of the machine a rich dark amber right away. The taste is never bitter : just smooth, delicious rich flavored coffee for me to look forward to each morning!

By Laurie on 11/12/2016 9:52 PM

Velvety experience

Favorite expresso!! Sorry not available in bulk for holidays is sad😟

By Nancy on 11/12/2016 9:15 AM

Velvety and Dark

This has been our favorite since we found it some years ago. This beats anything Starbucks has to offer hands down. If you want a coffee that's dark, robust, smooth, and a little smoky you won't be disappointed. Every time I give a sample of the beans to someone else they just rave about it.

By David on 10/12/2016 2:30 PM


We love Velvet Moon, and so far everyone we've introduced it to has loved it too. Got it originally at Costco but have not seen it there lately, so we buy directly from Cameron's website. Fell back to Starbucks French Roast for awhile just because Costco had that instead, but Starbucks now tastes bitter to us compared to Velvet Moon, which has such a delicious flavor, especially in lattes. I just ordered more from Cameron's and can't wait for it to arrive.

By Laurie W on 1/14/2016 9:39 AM


This is by far my favorite dark coffee! It's very smooth and not bitter at all like many dark coffees can be. It brews much better than any other brand of K cup pods I have used.

By Amber on 1/13/2016 10:18 AM

Velvet... A perfect title!

While a perfect espresso bean. It also makes a flavorful rich coffee cup size.. A dark roast that while imparting the deep roast flavors it retains much of the bean flavor. No burnt flavors that is characteristic of many dark roasts. A very nice rich flavor.

By John on 9/20/2015 6:16 AM

Our favorite Cameron's Coffee

If you are using a single-serve K Cup machine then Cameron's is the coffee for you. The ingenious design of the product with an actual filter instead of a plastic cup makes a huge difference in flavor. So having said that, Velvet Moon is OVER THE MOON. A truly fantastic coffee delivering a taste experience I did not think I would be able to achieve with a single-serve machine. The depth of flavor and finish of this coffee exceeds those of much more expensive choices. This is a great coffee if you like strong coffee.

By Steve on 7/19/2015 5:56 AM

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