Woods & Water

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This bright, big-bodied blend of Central American beans is a unique light roast with complex characteristics.


  1. Anonymous

    The wife and I both enjoy it!

  2. Anonymous

    Without a doubt the smoothest tastiest coffee I have ever had. Turned my sister-in-law onto it, I now have a birthday, Christmas gift I know she won’t teturn

  3. Mitch

    We have purchased 5 or 6 cases of this coffee and run it through my Grandma’s Presto percolator. It is the best!! Highly recommend.

  4. Anonymous

    This is my favorite Cameron’s coffee blend. My go to for years!

  5. Ann

    As has been said, it has a flavor all of its own. Love it. Take it with me when we go camping. Would love to get it in pods as well.

  6. Anonymous


    This is my absolute favorite! I like my coffee black. Great aroma and smooth. Get this one every time at the store.

  7. Anonymous

    Best coffee ever!

    It is THE best coffee ever. My husband and I have been drinking it for years. It has a taste all its own. No bitterness and very smooth. THANK YOU CAMERON’s

  8. Anonymous

    love this coffee

    I have literally been drinking this coffee for YEARS! it is the absolute best coffee. smooth rich taste without any bitterness or aftertaste you can get with some darker blends.

  9. Anonymous

    My absolute favorite

    I’m a big believer in a light roast and this one’s my go-to!

    This stuff is getting a little hard to come by – the stores by me in WI don’t seem to stock it regularly, so I’ve been buying on Amazon. It’s cheaper direct from the company!

  10. Anonymous

    It was just okay

    I wasn’t too impressed with the taste. Don’t think I’d order again.

  11. Anonymous


    Have tried many of the Cameron blends. Woods and Water is my #1! We full time RV and have only found this blend in one store in Wisconsin, so I stock up when I am able to order. Even sent some to my niece, who also loves it! I love my coffee and love this blend!

  12. Anonymous

    Love this

    This is my favorite coffee blend, period. We’ve lived in Hawaii (with a Kau roaster as our neighbor), have a son who baristas for a swishy outfit in Chicago… bottom line I go out of my way to find Woods and Water, and discovered Cameron’s online just to get more of it. A wonderful way to start my day (and my wife loves it too).

  13. Anonymous

    Unique light roast

    This isn’t anything to rave about as far as the other flavors of Cameron’s, but if you like a good (flavorless) light coffee then give this a try! I see why it is called Woods and Water as it has a hint of a more earthy taste than just your average Arabica coffee. I have so much more Cameron’s coffees to try but I absolutely love their French Vanilla Hazelnut for flavored…WAY better than Starbucks!!

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