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Coffee stunts your growth. It’ll help you lose weight. It’ll keep you up all night. You’ve probably heard some of these proclamations before, but how true are they? Cameron’s Coffee hunted down the truth to four of these long held coffee “facts.” As you sit back, enjoy your favorite brew and find the answers.

How to Brew Excellent Coffee

“Drinking coffee late in the day will keep you up at night.”

You crawl into bed after a long day, tuck yourself under the covers and wait for relaxing sleep to wash over you. Only it doesn’t come. Is coffee responsible? It depends on  the time you had your last cup. According to Caffeine Informer, it takes only 45 minutes for a body to fully absorb caffeine and four to six hours to expel it.

It can keep you up, but only if you go to bed really early or drink your coffee late in the afternoon. Thus, for a 9:00 P.M. bedtime, you should probably have your last cup before 2:30 P.M.

“Coffee will stunt the growth of teenagers.”

This idea comes from the stimulating effect coffee has on the central nervous system. Teenagers need extra energy for growth, and some think that high amounts of caffeine can interfere.

Teenagers do need more energy to grow, but coffee and its caffeine won’t stand in their way, according to Kidshealth, an online resource with information reviewed by doctors. Although coffee won’t stunt teen growth, moderation is important. The recommended limit for young adults is two cups a day.

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“Coffee will help you lose weight.”

Not only is our favorite drink delicious, it also does two things to aid weight loss: appetite suppression and calorie burning, says the Mayo Clinic. Because caffeine gives a burst of energy, it reduces appetite for brief amounts of time. This gives a few extra moments to reconsider before overindulging. It also stimulates thermogenesis, speeding digestion.

Coffee can help with weight loss, but it can only help a tiny amount. Diet and exercise have to do the bulk of the work.

“Coffee has no health benefits.”

Coffee does have a few negative side effects, like sleep disruption. Because of this, some conclude it doesn’t have health benefits.

Coffee has plenty of health benefits, especially for those who drink around 2 to 3 cups a day. The benefits include a lowered risk of heart disease and diabetes, increased longevity and a lowered risk of gingivitis. To see how coffee improves health, check out this earlier post from Cameron’s Coffee. You’ll be surprised by the benefits coffee has in each drop.

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