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About Your Coffee

What makes a perfect cup of coffee?

The best coffee always starts with the best coffee beans – Cameron’s, of course! Use 1-2 level tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of cold, fresh water. We suggest starting with 1 tbsp. per serving, then adjusting this up or down to your liking. Brew at 200°F for proper extraction. Always keep your coffee maker clean and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for brewing. Serve right away for maximum aroma and flavor.

Where is your coffee grown?

Our team travels the world searching for the best 100% Arabica beans. Coffee grows between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, so we source from a wide variety of regions including some of the highly sought-after beans in Ethiopia, Sumatra, Kona, Jamaica and Central & South America. We also proudly source a lot of beans from small family farms, we love getting to know our coffee farmers and their family!

How much of each type of bean are in your blends?

We do not share the exact percentages or regions of our blends—as those are our secret recipes that make our blends so unique from other coffees!

How is your coffee roasted?

Cameron’s Coffee is small batch roasted in European style roasters. We have some really cool roasting technology that allows us to roast dark, rich, smooth beans without ever tasting burnt. Learn more.

How is your coffee flavored?

All of our flavored coffees are specially designed to allow each flavor to enhance the natural taste of our 100% Premium Arabica Coffee. We won’t hide the taste of the beans with syrupy flavors; instead we create special blends that allow you to enjoy the flavoring and the coffee, too. All of our flavors are a combination of natural and artificial flavors.

Is there caffeine in your decaffeinated coffee?

Since caffeine is naturally found in the coffee plant, all decaffeinated coffees have minimal amounts of the substance. We guarantee our decaffeinated coffees to be 97% caffeine free.

What is our decaffeination process?

We use an indirect process to decaffeinate our coffee beans. This process involves a long water soak at near boiling temperature, where the caffeine is gradually drawn out of the coffee beans. The mixture of water and caffeine is treated to absorb the caffeine from the solution. The moisture is then heated to evaporation, removing the solution and the caffeine. Later, water is reintroduced to the beans to restore any moisture, oils, and flavors that may have been lost.

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

If for any reason you’re not happy with the coffee you’ve purchased, our coffee experts will work with you to find a better match and send a fresh batch your way!


How do Cameron’s EcoPods work?

Cameron’s uses a single serve coffee filter instead of a plastic cup. By using a coffee filter, our single serves work just like a drip brewer. The brewer punctures the lid, then fills the entire single serve with hot water—soaking all of the coffee grounds, then drips out the bottom to brew a full-flavored cup.

Are Cameron’s EcoPods sustainable?

Yes! Our 100% compostable* EcoPods are made with plant-based materials, consisting of a compostable* mesh filter, a compostable* ring, and a compostable* paper lid. Each of these components has been certified for industrial compost facilities, which means they will break down into organic matter with the proper application of moisture, heat and oxygen. Because our pods follow ASTM** D6400 standards, they do not leave damaging levels of toxins in the soil. At Cameron’s Coffee, we support the growth of industrial and municipal composting.

We also support home composting. While not certified for home composting yet, we know that all the materials in our pods are made with renewable, plant-based materials, and that they will break down into organic matter in home composting if proper composting methods are used. This may take longer than in an industrial composting facility because there is generally less heat in home composting. And your own results may vary depending on the types of materials you are composting, the amount of moisture present, and how often you mix or turn your compost. But in our personal experience, we have successfully composted our pods in home composting containers. We encourage you to go to to understand proper composting techniques, and then experiment with our pods. If done right, they should compost over time.

** Formerly American Society for Testing Materials

Do Cameron’s EcoPods work in all brewers?

Cameron’s Single Serves are compatible with most single serve coffeemakers including many Keurig®, Breville® BKC700, Cuisinart® SS700, Mr. Coffee® BVMC-KG1 brewers.***

*** Breville is a registered trademark of Breville Pty Ltd. Cuisinart is a registered trademark of the Conair Corporation. Mr. Coffee is a registered trademark of Sunbeam Products Inc. Keurig is a registered trademark of Keurig Incorporated. There is no affiliation between Cameron’s Coffee and the owners of the identified trademarks.


Are all of your coffees sustainable?

While not all our coffees are organic, all of our coffees are responsibly-sourced. Wherever possible, we’re purchasing from small farmers that we get to know (as well as their crews of workers and families) and ensure that they take care of their people, maintain clean facilities, and have good medical and cooking facilities for their community. This is their livelihood as well as ours! Read more about our sustainability efforts.

What is organic coffee?

Coffee is considered organic if it is grown without the use of chemical substances or additives, like pesticides or herbicides. Organic coffee is packaged only after our equipment has gone through extensive cleaning in order to maintain the integrity of the beans. Rest assured, your organic coffee is as fresh and tasty as nature intended!

Coffee Tips

How should I store my coffee?

We recommend storing your coffee in an air tight container in the cabinet, away from sources of heat or light. Room temperature is ideal for storing coffee. For more information, read our blog.

Should I keep my coffee in the fridge/freezer?

We do not recommend storing coffee in the fridge or freezer, since cold temperatures can dry out the beans. We recommend storing coffee at room temperature.

What is the shelf life of Cameron’s Coffee?

Cameron’s Coffee is guaranteed fresh until it reaches its sell by date. You can find this information on the bottom of your single serve carton or on the back of your bag.

Nutritional Information

What is the nutritional information of Cameron’s Coffee?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see a nutritional panel on your coffee? That’s because black coffee does not have significant nutritional value. See this site for more information. However, adding cream or sugar definitely changes the nutrition of your cup!

How many cups of coffee are recommended daily?

The USDA states that moderate coffee consumption (3 to 5 cups per day) can be incorporated into healthy eating patterns. Check out the bottom of page 33 in their 2015 Dietary Guidelines Report.

Is there sugar in your coffee?

All of our coffees are sugar free, including our flavored coffees! We do not have any artificial sweeteners in our coffees.

How many calories are in your coffees?

There are no calories in our coffees.

Are there carbs in your coffee?

Nope—our coffee fits into every low-carb diet. All of our coffees are free of carbs.

Is there any dairy in your coffee?

Nope—our coffee is dairy free!

Do you have gluten in your coffees?

Cameron’s Coffee is 100% gluten free. All we do here is roast and package coffee, which means there is no chance for cross contamination either!

How much sodium is in your coffee?

There is no sodium in any of our coffees.

I have nut allergies. Can I drink your nutty flavored coffees?

There are no nut allergens in our product. We flavor all of our coffees with natural and artificial flavoring. Our nut flavorings are specifically designed so everyone can drink our deliciously, nutty coffees.

How much potassium or phosphorus is in your coffee?

We do not have any potassium or phosphorus in our coffees.

How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee?

An 8 oz cup of brewed coffee may contain anywhere from 95-165 mg of caffeine.


Do you ship to offices or restaurants?

Absolutely, in fact we’ve made it easy for you. We don’t limit our office and food service offerings to only a few items. Order any Cameron’s Coffee selection for your office or food service organization, and receive 10% off any order over $500.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Sorry, we currently do not ship to addresses outside of the United States.

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Sorry, we currently do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

How will my order be shipped?

Our orders are shipped via FedEx Ground.

Do you ship to military addresses?

Sorry, we currently do not ship to military addresses.

Can I ship to a PO Box?

Sorry, FedEx Ground does not ship to PO Boxes.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ask our customers to allow 2-5 business days for processing prior to shipment of their orders. Once an order has shipped, standard FedEx Ground delivery times apply.

Return Policy

How does Cameron’s Coffee handle order changes/cancellations?

Please note we cannot guarantee a cancellation or address update after orders are placed. Please make sure to thoroughly review your order details before placing your order. You can return your order to us after you have received it, provided the product is unopened, unused and within 30 days of purchase. Please review our Return Policies for more details.

Can I cancel my order?

We cannot guarantee order cancellations once an order has been placed, but we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Our team works swiftly to ensure your coffee arrives in a timely manner, which may limit our ability to cancel orders. However, you can still reach out to our Customer Service Team (952-374-5000) to inquire about the possibility of cancellation.

How do I make an online order return?

Any unopened coffee purchased through can be returned at any time within 30 days of purchase. Please contact your Cameron’s Team at or by calling (952) 374-5000. When contacting Cameron’s, be ready to share the reason for return, your order number, the date of purchase and the product UPCs for return.

If you are shipping product with over $50 of value, you should consider purchasing shipping insurance through your shipping provider. Your refund will be processed within 7-10 business days of receiving the returned product. For any products purchased on sale, you will only receive the price originally paid for the product.

How do I return coffee to a store?

Please contact the retail location where you purchased your coffee in order to return any unopened Cameron’s Coffee. Refer to the retailer’s return policy for any additional questions. If you continue to have issues with returns, please contact us directly.

How do I change/update an online order?

If you would like to change or update an order, please contact our Customer Service Team (952-374-5000) ASAP. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Please note that in order to ensure your coffee arrives in a timely manner, we begin preparing your order immediately after it is placed. This means that we are often unable to accommodate modifications to orders once they have been confirmed. This includes changes to items, quantities, shipping addresses, etc. If your order has already processed and you no longer want it, or would like to make an exchange, please see our Return Policies for your next steps.


Contact your Cameron’s Team at any time with additional questions or stories by emailing us at Our Team is also available by phone at (952) 374-5000 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central Standard Time.

Our Roasterie

Do you offer tours?

Here at Cameron’s, we would love to be able to show off “where the magic happens” to anyone at any time, but we are only able to offer factory tours during select times. Reach out to the Cameron’s Team by emailing us at to learn when!

Can I purchase coffee directly from the Cameron’s Coffee facility in Shakopee?

Unfortunately, we are not a retail location or coffee shop. Please check out our Store Finder to find our retail partners located closest to you, or shop our full line of coffees available online!

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