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We’re so proud of our partnership with Coffee Kids, a leading non-profit organization. We love to be a part of a community that empowers smallholder farmers, and supports making the future of young coffee farmers a little brighter. As you have hopefully learned by now, this year we focused our donation efforts on empowering Saimon, a 24-year-old coffee farmer from the Quinchia region in Colombia.

Saimon not only received training and seed capital from Coffee Kids to kick off his coffee farming business, he also gained confidence to take on any challenge thrown his way. With this new found confidence, financing, and training, Saimon has focused on making his farm as productive as possible. In fact, Saimon purchased fertilizer and has begun properly timing and applying it to help his farm flourish. His goal is to not only continually yield a productive harvest, but to use specific processing and techniques to grow specialty grade coffee.

All of that said, we’re happy to report that Saimon now has 1500 new coffee trees growing in the eastern section of his farm, and another project with 2000 trees already producing coffee. In the area that already is producing coffee, Saimon has gotten his first harvest! That’s an increase of over 2000 coffee plants since we last spoke with him!!