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We’re so proud of our partnership with the leading non-profit Coffee Kids. It’s rewarding to be a part of a community that empowers smallholder farmers and works every day to make the future of young coffee farmers a little brighter.

As you may have known, we focused our donation efforts last year on empowering Saimon, a 24-year-old coffee farmer from the Quinchia region in Colombia. In our last update on Saimon, we reported some exciting updates on his farm and his successful first harvest, largely due in part to the confidence, financing, and training he received from the Coffee Kids organization.

The successes seen on Saimon’s farm aren’t the only thing that’s changed since we last spoke with him. Saimon’s family and friends have seen an equally important effect on his character. Once shy and unsure about his future, Saimon’s mom says that today he is a new person. He has a newfound sense of pride, belonging and a desire to keep bettering himself and his business every day.

Through the training and mentorship provided by Coffee Kids, Saimon now sees great potential in his farm and is excited to continue in his mother’s successful footsteps of coffee farming. He has begun mapping out his goals and dreams for the future – including thinking about producing specialty coffee.

Saimon’s mom expressed that as a parent, she is at a loss for words to thank Coffee Kids for leaving her with a different son, one that is full of motivation and ambition to move forward. Congrats to Saimon and best of luck to him as he continues his harvest.

Be sure to check back soon for our next update!