Coffee Kids Update - What’s new with Beatriz?

Coffee Kids Update – What’s new with Beatriz?

We’re proud of our continued partnership with leading non-profit organization, Coffee Kids, that gives us the opportunity to support smallholder coffee farmers around the world and share their inspiring stories.

Our 2020 farmer, Beatriz, grew up in a coffee farming family in Guatemala, where roughly half of the population works in agriculture. Her family is part of the ADIESTO Co-Op, a certified organic and fair-trade co-op based in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Female coffee farmer with coffee plants

After joining Coffee Kids, Beatriz and 15 other youth formed the farmer organization Jovenes Café Ajpu to start an Agroforestry nursery. Learn more about her nursery business in our “Meet Beatriz” post here.

The group is proud of the progress made so far with the business:

“For being in its first year, the nursery is going very well. We have the resources we need so it is well-functioning, and most importantly, we have strong teamwork and support of Coffee Kids,” says Beatriz.

Coffee Kids works hard to provide the support needed for youth to start and succeed in their coffee-related entrepreneurial endeavors. For Beatriz, that means the resources to work with other passionate youth to help her community and environment.

“We all work together, looking for how to promote development and create a self-sustaining organization. All of us have this vision; this is what I like most and is what motivates me to keep pushing forward,” says Beatriz about her groups’ nursery.

We’re so inspired by Beatriz and her teammates! Join us for her journey as we continue to provide updates on Beatriz and Jovenes Café Ajpu.

Catch up on past post about Beatriz:



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