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Here at Cameron’s, we’re all about seeing the world as a mug half-full kind of place. So, sit back and relax with your favorite mug and enjoy August’s round-up of good news stories.

Car Dealership Adopts And Gives Job To Stray Dog Who Visited Every Day, Sunny Skyz

Car dealership adopts and gives job to stray dog who visited every day

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Nigerian Boy Receives Scholarship To New York Dance School After They Saw His Barefoot Ballet Performance, Sunny Skyz

Nigerian boy receives scholarship to New York dance school after they saw his barefoot ballet performance

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Oldest Living American Celebrates 115th…Or 116th Birthday, Tank’s Good News

Oldest living American celebrates 115th…or 116th birthday

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Man opens sanctuary for abused farm animals: 'You can't be depressed here', Today

Man opens sanctuary for abused farm animals: ‘You can’t be depressed here’

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Bride And Groom Whose Dream Wedding Was Disrupted By COVID Instead Donated And Served All Their Food To A Children’s Shelter

Bride and groom whose dream wedding was disrupted by COVID instead donated and served all their food to a children’s shelter

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