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How a Roastmaster Stays Sharp

Staying sharp. That can mean many things to many different people. For me, it is staying on top of my cupping and roasting game. Every day, I cup all of the coffees that we produce here at Cameron’s.

Cupping every day keeps my palate in good practice and keeps me on top of how our different coffees are tasting.

But I do not get to roast every day, at least not on our larger machines. In my early days with Cameron’s, I did roast every day. But as we have grown, my role has evolved. I went from being the roasting lead to the Roastmaster.


This means I now work with our green procurement team.

I manage our green coffee deliveries and work with our direct trade partners on sample approvals for coffee we have bought. I frequently roast on our small Probatino roaster when creating samples and developing new blends, and I work with our roasting team to develop our roast profiles and blends.

But I have learned that I also need to roast on the big boys as well in order to keep my skills sharp.

Many things affect how our coffees roast throughout the year, like weather, the age of the coffee, etc. Roasting on the larger machines on a regular basis helps me to stay in touch with our coffees, making sure they stay consistently yummy as well as keeping my roasting skills sharp.

In a previous blog post we followed Patrick’s journey to becoming an Arabica Q grader.

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