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How to Organize Your Home Coffee Bar

While fresh pops of color are starting to reveal themselves outdoors this Spring, Cameron’s wants to encourage you to brighten up your home coffee station with tips and organizational hacks that will help make your morning mug of coffee that much more enjoyable.

Here are our top 4 tips for turning your home coffee bar into a bright, functional space that you love.

Home Coffee Bar Set-up with Keurig Machine, Tray of Coffee Gadgets, Plant and Painting
  1. Get your coffee station off the counter if you can. Find a space that makes you smile. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small corner of your home, a bar cart turned coffee cart, or simple serving tray to make your coffee sanctuary mobile. The only requirement is that your coffee bar to be a joy-filled place that you love to visit every morning (or afternoon!). Don’t forget to make it functional and accessible so your coffee tools stay organized.

Cameron's Coffee Mug on a sunny Counter with a plant
  1. Pick a plant, bouquet of flowers or some fresh greenery that brings a little bit of the outdoors inside. Hints of nature can instantly brighten any space. Bonus points if you can match it to your favorite mug. Here are some of our favorite easy-care for plants that make a perfect coffee bar accent.

Cameron's Coffee Mug on a counter with a quote board that says: "Today I will do amazing things. But first, Coffee"
  1. Let your space reflect you. Add in a loved object like a painting, a thrifted find, or a piece of pottery with meaning to add a touch of personalization. This way your coffee station can really reflect your personal interior design taste, whether it’s Boho, Cottagecore, Industrial, or Hollywood Glam. Being thoughtful about color in your space could influence the tone for your day. If your coffee helps you truly wake up and fire on all cylinders in the morning, bright and cheerful yellow pops could give you an extra energy boost to get going. A tranquil green palette might help you relax and focus on what’s most important in your day ahead. Read more about the psychology of color here.

Woman pouring coffee from Cemex into Cameron's Coffee Mug
  1. Make absolutely certain you have all the right tools to brew your favorite mug of coffee. It is nice to have brewing options. Some days you are in a rush, and an EcoPod in the Keurig machine is the answer and other mornings require a more lingering pour-over process. Trying out a new tool can be the perfect way to experiment with new coffee blends or brewing methods. We like this compact cold brew maker for our favorite iced coffee during warmer weather.

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