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Summer is a time for creating memories, and you don’t need to journey to some far away paradise to make them! Meaningful moments are easy to find—and all around you.

We thought we’d share some of our favorite summer activities to help you create the memories that’ll warm your heart well into winter! And, of course, we have the perfect blend of specialty beans to accompany each moment, because memorable coffee is sort of our thing.


1) Gardening – Organic Paradise Blend

Fresh, organic produce is delicious, but that’s not the only benefit of gardening. Gardening is a great way to share time with a loved one, and it’s an excellent stress reliever. If you haven’t started yet, there’s still time to plant late season vegetables and herbs. Here are just a few, along with a few helpful planting tips.

Your organic gardening adventure will take energy and patience. Before you begin, sit back in your favorite lawn chair, size up the landscape and strategize with a rich cup of Organic Paradise Blend. Not only will it keep you fueled, but you can add used coffee grounds to the garden soil for added nitrogen to give your plants an extra boost.


2) State Parks – Woods and Water

With thousands of state parks in the U.S., it would to be crazy not to enjoy one of these local getaways. So lace up your hiking boots, grab your swimming gear, or find that canoe paddle. It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors!

On your way to your state park adventure, gear up with a cup of Woods and Water. By the time you arrive, you’ll be ready to hike, swim, paddle, spelunk or do some other exciting activity.


3) Bird Watching – Bird Watcher’s Blend

Beautiful birds like the Painted Bunting or an Orchard Oriole are rare and memorable sights, but bird watching offers something more, an escape. Leave daily stressors behind, turn your eyes to the world around you, and spot feathered friends of many varieties.

Grab a pair of binoculars and a field guide, head to your local park or campground, or simply step into your backyard and begin. But, wherever you go, make sure you bring refreshments—our favorite treat for bird watching is our Bird Watcher’s Blend.


4) Coffee With Friends

Road trips, camping and other adventures are sure to create memories, but getting together with friends for a coffee date can be just as fun! So call a few friends over for a cup of coffee, sit outside, soak in the sun and chat.

Whatever you decide to do with your summer, bring Cameron’s Coffee along for the ride and continue making lasting memories. We’ll help fill your cup! Through July 20th, enjoy 16% off any Cameron’s Coffee blends and flavors. Just enter the promo code SUMMER16 at checkout and save!

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