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We take notice when people share their love of Cameron’s on social media, and even more so when their Instagram feed contains so many mouth-watering photos! This month we’d like to introduce you to Amanda Smerlinksi, a Cameron’s Coffee drinker whose food we drool over daily.

Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

I’m originally from Milwaukee, WI, went to school at UW-Madison, and now I live in Minneapolis with my boyfriend, Dan. He grew up here, so even though I truly never thought I would live anywhere north of Madison (I’m known for being cold!), somehow he convinced me! I’m glad he did though, because I love it here. Minneapolis has literally everything you could ever want to do, and it’s all so compact.

What do you do for work, and what do you like about it?

Did I sell you on Minneapolis? 😉 Hopefully, because I work in tourism marketing at Meet Minneapolis! My job is basically to create digital content for travelers and visitors, letting them know why the city is so great, what they can do while they’re here, and provide them with the resources they need to have the best experience possible. I love writing articles and being able to provide recommendations to people who have never been here before. And I’ve especially loved writing some of our food & drink content. If you’re trying to decide where to eat, I’m always more than willing to give my two cents 😊

When did you first try Cameron’s?

It must have been three years ago now! I know I tried it shortly after moving here, and it quickly became my go-to. I have my classics that are always in my cupboard, but I’m also a sucker for trying new and interesting flavors of coffee. Cameron’s always seemed to have something new for me to try and that drew me in!

What’s your favorite Cameron’s Coffee, and how do you like to brew it?

My all-time favorite has to be Toasted Southern Pecan. But I have to say Intense French is a close second. I’m pretty basic and just brew mine in a standard coffee pot, but I have to let you in on my healthy latte recipe because it’s delicious! I take 12-16 oz of the freshly brewed coffee, 2 tablespoons of full fat canned coconut milk, and 1 scoop of Vital Proteins collagen, and blend it up using my Nutri Ninja. It comes out SO frothy and creamy – it’s such a treat!

Where do you like to enjoy your first cup of coffee?

Ideally I’m on my couch, in front of the fireplace, looking out the window and having a moment of quiet before I start my day.

What does your ideal Saturday morning look like?

I love to spend a few hours sipping on my latte and working on my blog! I’m either writing a blog post, editing photos, or just searching Pinterest and Instagram for recipe inspo. Once I get hungry, I’ll whip up my go-to Saturday morning breakfast: my oatmeal greek yogurt blender pancakes!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Besides working on my blog, you’ll find me making a mess in the kitchen, reading, or at one of my favorite fitness studios. Dan and I are also very into trying new restaurants! Saturday night typically involves picking & trying a place we’ve never been before.

All the food on your Instagram looks amazing! How did you get into healthy eating/cooking/baking?

Thank you! My Mom is a great cook and she cooked dinner for us almost every night growing up, so I think seeing that is what initially sparked my interest. I’ve always found food and nutrition interesting, and in college I really got into it after taking a nutrition class. I cleaned up my diet quite a bit, but I didn’t want to give up all the foods I loved, so I came up with recipes to make my favorite comfort foods a little bit healthier. There’s no better feeling than coming up with a recipe on your own, and having it turn into something completely delicious that you want to share with everyone!

What’s your favorite place to grab food or drink, when you’re not making it yourself?

Oh boy that’s a tough one – there are SO MANY great places in Minneapolis. If I’m looking for something nourishing & healthy, Brim Restaurant is my jam. If I’m looking to indulge, a few of my favorites are Young Joni (amazing pizza), 112 Eatery (one of the best burgers in town), Parlour Bar (to-die-for burger & great cocktails), and Martina (the splurge).