Master Roaster

Meet Patrick Dinkins – Cameron’s Roastmaster and Certified Arabica Q Grader

With over 15 years of experience in the coffee world, Patrick has opened new doors at Cameron’s by exploring how to perfect every blend–everything from identifying the most exceptional coffee beans, to enhancing the character of the coffees with roasting, to uniquely blending the coffees from regions around the world.

Many believe all Breakfast Blends are the same. Not here at Cameron’s. Patrick designs Cameron’s Breakfast Blend (and all other blends) to taste only like Cameron’s.

Patrick holds the honor of being one of 321 Certified Arabica Q Graders in the U.S. Most Q Graders are employed by coffee importers or on Wall Street where the price of coffees are set. Patrick went through days of strenuous cupping to become an Arabica Q Grader, and now he puts every batch Cameron’s roasts through strenuous testing to ensure the quality of our coffee is just like the 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans that we buy – the top 10% of coffee in the world.

Patrick doesn’t like talking about himself, but once you start a conversation about coffee, he can’t stop talking.

Read more about how we handcraft our coffee.

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