Cameron's Coffee Morning Mug Spotlight with Laura Ross, Minny & Paul

MN Morning Mug Spotlight: Laura Ross

We may ship our coffee to every corner of the United States, but we’ve got a little soft spot for our home state of Minnesota. Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite Minnesota-grown brands and sharing how they use their morning mug to stay inspired to do good.

Cameron's Coffee Minnesota Morning Mug Spotlight with Laura Ross of Minny & Paul

It truly is the little things in life that make life and the world just a little bit better. Minny & Paul is
a business that is a great representation of what this means. Laura Ross the founder of Minny &
, a gift box company located in Minneapolis, believes gifting small can have a big impact.
She uses the energy from her morning mug of Cameron’s Coffee to awaken her to help make gift giving easy and elevated.

The gift boxing company is nearing five years of curating boxes for all occasions that feature
small independent local businesses and all sustainable packaging. Laura says, “We are here to
brighten even people’s worst days and let them know someone was thinking of them.” She
started the business to help make people more aware of the high-quality goods that are being
made for them locally.

Minnesota Morning Mug Spotlight with Laura Ross of Minny & Paul, Laura Ross assembling gift box

Laura uses Cameron’s Coffee to stay focused during her busy days of making meaningful gifts
for people around the nation. After making her Jumpstart Blend with 2x the caffeine in her French
Press, she takes on a day of bringing joy to her customers. “Sending someone a little bit of love
through Minny & Paul not only helps us, but also uplifts small independent businesses,” says

Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to feature local business owners as part of our Morning Mug series!

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