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Cameron’s Coffee brings great-tasting coffee to people in every state. Despite our national following, we’re proud of our Minnesotan roots. Our headquarters is just south of Minneapolis, and a few of our coffee blends were inspired by our home state.


Minnesotan Highlands

Though Minnesota is the fifth flattest state, you don’t have to look too hard to find high land. All along the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers are bluffs overlooking forested valleys. Surrounding Lake Superior, sheer cliffs drop down to cold waters, like the one beneath Split Rock. It’s no wonder why hiking and other outdoor adventures are favorite pastimes of Minnesotans.

To energize them, many Minnesotan explorers turn to their favorite blend of flavored coffee, Highlander Grog. Often drawing rave reviews, this blend, with its sweet butterscotch, vanilla, rum and caramel flavors, is perfect for any occasion.


Minnesota Nice

As Minnesota entered statehood, new residents from all over Scandinavia flocked to the Land of 10,000 Lakes in droves. They brought some interesting things with them, like lutefisk, a Nordic delicacy. You can find the Lutefisk Capital of the World in Madison, MN. It’s marked by a 30-foot codfish statue named Lou T. Fisk.

Although the next most prominent Scandinavian treat doesn’t have a 30 foot statue devoted to it, not yet anyway, the largest lefse ever made (70 lbs!) came from Starbuck, MN. Check it out.  If you’ve never heard of lefse before, it’s a thin flatbread made of potatoes, flour, butter and milk. To spice it up, Minnesotans usually add cinnamon, sugar, jelly, lingonberries or peanut butter. It’s pretty easy to make if you’ve never had it before, and in Minnesota you can still find it in grocery stores.

Lutefisk and lefse aside, another influence on the shaping of the state’s culture were Scandinavian mannerisms. Outwardly, the Scandinavian immigrants were reserved, mild-mannered and courteous. Eventually, this behavior became today’s “Minnesota Nice.”

As a nod to Minnesota’s Scandinavian heritage, we created Organic Scandinavian Blend. This blend of light and dark roasts will keep you warm throughout the coldest stretches and might even make you crave some lutefisk.


“Up North”

It’s a place not labeled on any maps. Where it’s located differs for each Minnesotan, but they agree on a few things: it’s full of woods, there are lakes aplenty, and it’s a great place to relax. The forests and lakes serve as a barrier, separating them from the responsibilities and distractions of home and routine. For a few wonderful days, they’re free to enjoy peaceful hikes through the woods, cool swims, exhilarating water sports, great conversation with loved ones and more recharging activities.

Because everybody should have this experience within reach, we created the Woods & Water Blend. This unique light roast blend, fused with complex characteristics, will remind you of your favorite getaway in the woods. It’s no wonder why it’s one of our favorites.

A lot of who we are today comes from our Minnesotan heritage. How has where you came from affected who you are today? Take a moment to ponder the thought, while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

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