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The tradition of trick-or-treating isn’t just about candy and costumes. It’s also about spending time with family and friends, saying hello to neighbors you may not see often, and bringing smiles to their kids’ faces – but most important, having fun!

Everyone loves trick or treating at the good house on the block. Here are a couple suggestions to make sure that’s your house this year!


Whether you’ll be walking door to door with your kids, or staying at home handing out candy, wear a costume to show trick-or-treaters you’re all in! It’ll up the fun factor when you answer the door. Also, acknowledge the kids’ cool costumes – they’ll really appreciate it!

Be Generous

Candy is the name of the game. Chocolate, fruity, gummy, nougat, you can’t really go wrong. Even better if you’re able to provide full-size candy bars.

Be Inclusive

A lot of kids out there have food allergies, which means they can’t actually eat much of the typical Halloween candy. Check out the Teal Pumpkin Project for some non-food treats that will make sure these kids still have a fun and safe trick-or-treat experience.

Treats for the Parents

Why should kids have all the fun? Consider having a basket at the ready for the adults, full of Cameron’s Coffee 1.75oz bags in your favorite blend or flavor.


Get in the spirit with spider webs and ghosts! Jack-o’-lanterns are also a staple for the season. Choose a scary or silly design, or you could even carve a Cameron’s jack-o’-lantern to decorate the front porch!