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We’ve previously shared how Cameron’s supports the growth and expansion of local composting facilities. However, you may not be aware of how hard we’re working to make it as easy as possible to find a compost facility near you. We even hired an intern this summer who specifically focused on researching, establishing relationships, and gaining acceptance of our EcoPods with compost facilities in the Midwest. Here’s an update on what’s new in composting at Cameron’s Coffee.

After contacting a few facilities and doing our own research, we realized how tough it is to find a local composting facility that will accept residential food and organics waste! When you do a simple Google search, you may be surprised at the lack of compost facility results that immediately pop up near you. Or, you may think you’ve found a lot, but in reality, most facilities only accept yard or brush waste.

For example, in Minnesota alone, there are about 95 compost facilities. Only 8 of those permit food-scrap compost, and the rest are purely yard or brush waste facilities. So far we’ve identified 6 of those 8 facilities that will accept our EcoPods or need more testing to ensure they can accept them moving forward. We previously shared one of the facilities that will gladly accept your used EcoPods, SMSC Organics Recycling Facility; another is Meadowlark Compost Site.

As promised, we will continue to work behind the scenes to come up with an extensive list of facilities that will accept your used EcoPod across the U.S. We’re hopeful that someday we can even make an interactive map to make finding a facility near you easier than ever!

Keep checking back for more updates on our composting efforts!