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4 Scientific Ways Coffee Boosts Productivity

You can tell when your coffee is working–it can lighten your mood, focus your thoughts, and revive your energy – but how does it happen? The science behind your cup of coffee is as fascinating as the flavors in it.

When you’re feeling unfocused or sleepy, think of that colorful bag of Cameron’s Coffee – sipping on your coffee really does cause changes in your body that can boost productivity and brighten your day.

1. Caffeine Blocks Sleep Signals

Much of the productivity boost you get from coffee comes from caffeine. Caffeine goes to work in your brain to block out sleep signals that naturally occur in the afternoon and still linger right after you wake up. Instead of your receptors getting the message to power down, the caffeine hijacks the receptors so you can power through.

2. I’ll take dark roast, with sugar and adrenalin, please.

Ok, the adrenalin isn’t in the coffee, but caffeine certainly is! When caffeine activates neural circuits, your body releases added adrenalin. Known as the “fight or flight” hormone, adrenalin increases your focus and gives you a burst of added energy. Think of how that huge spider makes you jump and run, or how that accidental scare makes your heart race; that’s adrenalin kicking in to save you in dangerous times. When you have a dangerously looming deadline on a report or just a case of Mondays, that adrenalin release from coffee will give you a case of taking care of business.

3. Memory Enhancement

A study at Johns Hopkins University found that caffeine helped participants better remember what they learned the previous day. Although the biology behind it is not yet clear, we’re pretty sure those college students cramming with coffee may be onto something!

4. Don’t Forget Athletic Productivity

If the place you want a boost isn’t at your desk, but on the sports field, coffee can help here too. Caffeine has been found to delay exhaustion and minimize pain that you feel during exercise, plus give you that burst of energy. explored how caffeine has made its way into nearly every competitor’s snack bag in items like energy gels, energy chews, and good old-fashioned soda. Although the optimal amount of caffeine and the strength of coffee is still debated, nearly every type of physical fitness activity has shown faster, stronger, or better results with caffeine.

Whether you’re trying to power through 89 emails, study for a beast of a final exam, or reach a new personal best on that 10K, you know what to do.

Fill up your favorite mug and let your Cameron’s Coffee work through your body to help you kick some butt and take some names.

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