Mission Statement

From the farmers we choose to work with, to the actions we take to reduce waste, Cameron’s Coffee is a company committed to doing the right thing. 
And doing the right thing—for the environment, for the farmers, and for our customers—directly contributes to our main mission: Make Every Day Brighter.



Sourcing Coffee

Starting responsibly at the source. Explore our approach to ethical sourcing, our supplier code of conduct, and the inspiring stories of our farmers.

Reducing Waste

Prioritizing good environment stewardship in everything we do. Conscious, top-down design to make a brighter and more sustainable future for our planet.

  • Less Waste In Packaging
  • Less Waste Discarded
  • Greener Facilities

*Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities.

Certified Organic Coffees

Certified USDA coffee that meet the highest standards. 

Globally Recognized Top Sustainable Food Company

People, Planet, Prosperity: Cameron’s key framework to create social, environmental and economic impact from harvest to roast.

Cameron’s Coffee is a part of a larger global food organization, Grupo Nutresa, that has been recognized as one of the most sustainable food companies in the world by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DSJI).


  • What really is smooth coffee?

    What really is smooth coffee?

    There are several factors that make our coffee at Cameron’s smoother than most premium coffees. Follow along as we deconstruct the coffee bean and point out how all coffee is not created equal. It all starts with the anatomy of…

  • How to Compost Coffee Grounds and EcoPods

    How to Compost Coffee Grounds and EcoPods

    Your coffee grounds can be used to make nutrient-rich compost for your plants and garden. Composting your coffee grounds is not only great for the environment, but it’s also an easy way to reduce waste and give back to the…

  • A Focus on Sustainability

    A Focus on Sustainability

    At Cameron’s, we are dedicated to doing the right thing for the environment, the farmers we work with, and our customers. From choosing responsible farming practices to reducing waste, we have always kept our mission in mind: to make more…

  • What is the difference between coffee pods?

    What is the difference between coffee pods?

    Are you looking for a sustainable and flavorful way to enjoy your morning coffee? Look no further than Cameron’s Coffee and our EcoPods! We understand that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to coffee pods,…

  • Coffee farmers: More than a job, a Tradition

    Coffee farmers: More than a job, a Tradition

    Meet Luis Angel Tobar and his son Luis Carlos Tobar, coffee farmers from Colombia! They own their own farm called El Altico in the San Jose Area of the country. Luis Angel has been coffee farming for over 30 years…

  • How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in your Garden

    How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in your Garden

    Calling all green thumbs and coffee lovers! Summer is here and this season, we’re bringing our coffee grounds with us. We love the idea of our coffee grounds having a life after our daily brew, so let’s put them to…

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