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8 Best Tips for Taking Your Coffee on the Go

Hi, my name is Jen Biswas! I am the founder of Paisley and Sparrow, a Minneapolis-based Lifestyle Blog. I love plants, hot coffee with a generous pour of vanilla creamer, my faith and my family! As a busy mom on the run, I know the importance of factoring coffee into travel plans, and I’m here to share my essential tips with you. 

Whether you’re heading on a week-long road trip or a 2-hour car ride to the cabin, ensuring you have fresh, delicious coffee is important! Nobody wants gas station coffee, and coffee from a coffee shop can get expensive.

There are lots of ways to ensure that you have good coffee while on the go. Here are a few ideas!

Taking Coffee On The Go

  1. Your Favorite Cold Brew Cup
    I love cups with straws for my cold coffee – it’s really the only time I use a straw! Try a water bottle or cup with a straw for a breezy cold brew experience.
  2. The Perfect Coffee Thermos
    If hot coffee is more your thing, a good coffee thermos is what you need! They keep your coffee hot for hours and hours and are available in tons of sizes and cute colors. I’ve used them for years!
  3. A Great Coffee Carafe
    If you need coffee for a crowd (or in my case, me and my husband…we have 3 kids so we NEED a lot of coffee!), bring along a coffee carafe! I’ve been using coffee carafes for years, and they’re great! They’re inexpensive and keep coffee warm for a long time. I use them on those bitter, cold winter days to leave hot drinks out for the delivery people in my neighborhood. They keep the coffee warm even after 8 hours of sitting outside in below-zero weather!

Making Coffee On The Go

  1. A Cold Brew Maker & Container
    I love cold brew but my regular cold brew maker that I use at home is definitely not travel safe. There are multiple cold brew makers that make awesome cold brew on the go and are perfect containers for bringing my cold brew with me! If you don’t have one, you can always stock up on Cameron’s canned Iced Lattes, which are already ready to go!
  2. Or A French Press
    Fun fact – I traveled the world for a full year in my 20s, and I wanted to be certain I had good coffee as I traveled through places like Africa and Asia, so I brought a travel french press with me!

    French press mugs are great because you can brew and drink your coffee all in one!
  1. Lots Of Extra Coffee
    If you’re making coffee on the go you need a way to bring your beans! Make sure to pack a container with an airtight seal that will keep your coffee fresh. You could also use a mason jar or a sealable bag to bring your coffee beans with you.

Other Road Trip Coffee Tips

Don’t forget the creamer

If you love a bit of cream in your coffee, like I do, pick up some shelf-stable sweetener to take with you. You can easily put some in a sandwich bag or other reusable bag to make it easy to travel with.

Use a Drink Carrier

Did you know you can buy drink carriers like they have at coffee shops? No need to do a balancing act while carrying all sorts of drinks and makers. Many feature insulated holders and there are also ones with enclosed tops so you can be certain that none of your brew will fall out.

And there you go! Some of my best tips for easily bringing your favorite coffee with you on the go.

Be sure to check out Cameron’s Coffee whether you need a delicious cold brew, classic blend, or a fun seasonal blend!

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