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Choosing the Right Grinder

Have you ever wondered how to take your at-home coffee experience to the next level? You can transform your coffee with one simple step… Grinding your whole beans right before you brew!

As soon as it’s ground, coffee begins releasing aromas and flavors that are better off landing in your cup, than in the air. While Cameron’s packages its ground coffee at less than 2% oxygen levels, it’s true that the quicker you move the beans from ground to brewed, the better-tasting cup you’ll get. Take care of the grinding yourself, and you’ll get an even smoother, more flavorful brew.

There are two types of grinders you’ll likely encounter: burr grinders, and blade grinders.

We recommend choosing a burr grinder, as they yield more uniformly sized grounds, and, therefore, a more balanced cup. Some of our favorite models are:

Baratza Conical Burr Grinder – Encore

This is many coffee experts’ go-to, entry-level grinder. It has 40 different grind settings, is easy to use, and delivers fantastic consistency for its price. Find it on Amazon.

Cuisinart Burr Grinder Supreme Grind

This grinder has 18 different settings, letting you grind beans from ultra-fine to super-coarse. It’s powerful and large enough to grind coffee to make 4-18 cups.

Vucchini Manual Coffee Grinder

This little hand-grinder is best if you’re not serving coffee to a crowd—if you’re grinding for more than a cup or two, it can feel like a workout! We love that it’s compact, sleek, and no-fuss—you could easily take it camping!

Blue hand coffee grinder on counter with beans and flowers

Wondering how coarse to grind your coffee? Here’s a quick guide based on brew-method:

Extra Coarse – Cold brewing

Coarse – French Press

Medium-Coarse – Chemex

Medium – Drip brewers

Medium-Fine – Pourover cones

Fine – Espresso, Moka Pots

Extra Fine – Turkish coffee


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