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How to Store Your Coffee

Whether we’re sampling our coffee at a local retailer or mentioning to new friends where we work, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Cameron’s is: How should I be storing my coffee to keep it fresh?

Here are a few old wives’ tales that we’d like to debunk:

  • You should store your opened coffee in the fridge
  • You should store your unopened coffee in the freezer
  • It doesn’t matter where or how you store your coffee

Contrary to the suggestions listed above, in order to keep your Cameron’s Coffee as fresh as possible, we recommend:

1. Storing your coffee in an airtight container, in the cabinet, away from the light.

Whether your preferred coffee format is whole bean, ground or our BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods, keeping the extra coffee in an airtight container guarantees that your coffee is exposed to a low amount of oxygen, resulting in the freshest flavor.

2. Room temperature is ideal for storing coffee.

Cold temperatures (like your freezer) can dry out the coffee beans, and can even change the molecular makeup of the coffee!

3. And for those of us not wanting to purchase another container to sit on our counters or in our cupboard…

Make sure to use the tin tie attached to your ground or whole bean Cameron’s Coffee bag, or use the tapedown attached to your EcoPod inner bag to reseal. For best results (and for caffeine filled days) try to brew your coffee within 7 days of opening. Leveraging these tips will help ensure your coffee doesn’t get stale!

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