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Cold Brew Tonic Recipe

Cold Brew Coffee tonics are the refreshing vibe of the summer—try this tasty mocktail made with our smooth Cold Brew blend for #NationalIcedCoffeeDay! 🍊

This coffee tonic made with our Cold Brew Blend is the refreshing must-try drink of the summer! Enjoy this smooth mocktail by the pool, on a picnic, at a gathering, or on the couch (with the AC on, of course). With just four ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time it’s easy enough to whip up for a crowd or to enjoy on your own. Iced coffee just got bubblier and tastier! Read on for the full recipe below.

Coffee Tonic RECIPE

PREP TIME: 2 min

COOK TIME: 3 min

MAKES: 1 serving

  1. Brew Cameron’s Cold Brew Blend according to package instructions, or follow this easy step by step tutorial here!
  2. Pour 1 cup of Cameron’s Cold Brew blend into a glass over ice
  3. Add 1/4 cup of your favorite tonic water
  4. Top the beverage with 1 tsp of orange syrup, garnish with a fresh orange slice and enjoy!

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