Farmers hands holding coffee berries

Coffee farmers: More than a job, a Tradition

Meet Luis Angel Tobar and his son Luis Carlos Tobar, coffee farmers from Colombia! They own their own farm called El Altico in the San Jose Area of the country. Luis Angel has been coffee farming for over 30 years and is an expert in his craft.

Check out the video to hear from Luis Angel and Luis Carlos speak about their farm and the impact the programs have on their success. They say the Colcafe program is the most impactful program they have benefited from in their long tenure as coffee farmers.

In the video, Luis Carlos tells us how thankful he is for his father’s work. He grew up on the farm, so coffee has always been a big part of his life. Because of his father’s effort, he was able to attend school to become an Industrial Engineer. He now brings that knowledge back to El Altico as he continues to work hand in hand with his father.

Cameron’s Coffee is part of a larger organization in the coffee industry, Colcafe, committed to improving the lives of all those in the coffee supply chain, especially farmers. Particularly in Colombia, Colcafe partners with organizations connected to the farmers from which we purchase coffee as a group. These partnerships are formed to invest in farmers to build generational knowledge and success on the farms.

El Altico is one of many coffee farms impacted by the efforts of Colcafe. On this farm, Colcafe employed the Volcafe Way to invest deeper into these farmers so they can produce more efficiently, save resources and be more productive. The Volcafe Way forms close working relationships with farmers to teach more efficient farming practices to improve cultivation, harvesting and the commercialization of their coffee.

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