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Creativity & Coffee

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Creativity and coffee go together! Coffee and caffeine can give your brain a boost and stimulate new energy, and occasionally new thinking. Below are some tips, tricks, and a playlist to help inspire creativity with or without a morning mug.


Take a break

Whether it’s a coffee break, a stretch break, or a walk, take some time away from whatever you’re working on to break up the monotony.

Do Something Unusual

Break up your routine by doing something you normally don’t do. Go to a concert, take a cooking class, attend a dance class, start painting! Try a creative activity.


Physical activity is a must. Get the blood pumping and rushing to your brain when you move. 

Go into Nature

Spend some time in nature; go to a park, body of water, mountain or forest. Explore outside of your comfort zone.


If you have the means, travel! Experiencing new environments and challenges inspires instant creativity. 


Unplug from screens, social media and technology. Take some deliberate time away from the chatter and enjoy the silence. 

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