How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in your Garden

Calling all green thumbs and coffee lovers! Summer is here and this season, we’re bringing our coffee grounds with us. We love the idea of our coffee grounds having a life after our daily brew, so let’s put them to use!

How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in Your Garden - Cameron's Coffee July 2022

Here are two easy ways that you can reuse your coffee grounds in your garden this Summer. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Reusing Coffee Grounds as Garden Fertilizer

Did you know that coffee grounds add organic material to your garden, which helps with drainage, water retention, and aeration of the soil? They can even attract plant-helping microorganisms like earthworms (which improve soil structure through their burrows)!

While fresh coffee grounds are acidic, used coffee grounds are near pH neutral and should not affect the acidity levels of the soil. 

How to do it: Place used grounds directly into the top couple inches of soil, or sprinkle on top and leave as-is. Be careful not to pile grounds up, as their particles may lock together and prevent water from getting to the plants.

"Good Day" spelled out in Cameron's Coffee Grounds - How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Reusing Coffee Grounds as Garden Mulch

Another beneficial way to reuse coffee grounds is for mulching around your plants. As organisms slowly break down the grounds, they add nitrogen to the soil and improve its composition.

How to do it: Mix coffee grounds with other organic matter, like compost, grass clippings or leaves to the top layer of soil—about one cup of grounds per week should do the trick!

Have you ever used coffee grounds for your plants? We’d love to know! Drop us a note to share your experience. Happy gardening!

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