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We’re excited to announce that Cameron’s Coffee is launching two of our own Cold Brew Blends!

In mid-May you will start seeing two new ground 12oz Cold Brew blends on shelves and on-line. As always, they use 100% specialty grade Arabica beans to deliver you an always smooth, never bitter cup!








Cold Brew Blend

This creamy & mellow coffee has hints of milk chocolate and finishes smooth, perfect for a summer day. Available in 12oz ground!








Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew Blend

Premium Arabica beans mixed with rich vanilla and zesty hazelnut. This is no plain vanilla coffee. Available in 12oz ground!

These blends come ready to brew! We wanted to set you up for cold brew success, so we coarsely ground the beans to ensure the proper extraction for this brew method, to keep the coffee as smooth and delicious as it’s meant to be. We’ve also included the following brewing instructions on every bag:

We recommend mixing 1 cup ground coffee with 6-8 cups cold water.
Steep in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.
Just before serving, mix with cold water or milk to taste. Enjoy!

Remember, your finished product is a concentrate and packs twice the punch as standard coffee, so we recommend diluting it 50-50.

You can make cold brew in any large clean vessel, like a mason jar or even your French press, but some prefer to streamline the process with a cold brew maker. Don’t have one of those at home yet? No problem! We’ve seen great success when we’ve brewed our cold brew with this one or this one.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new offering to our line-up!


  1. Do you recommend the same instructions when using regular Cameron’s coffee (not the new Cold Brew blends)?

  2. Very excited about trying the cold brew but as of now, haven’t had much success finding Cameron’s in northern Michigan. I’ll order as soon as I see that it is available!

  3. Hi Joan – Yes! If you plan on trying one of our new coffees (not the Cold Brew Blends) we recommend the same as always for brewing: use 1-2 TBSP ground coffee for every 6oz of cold, fresh water. Adjust to taste. Brew at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for best results! Thanks! – CC –

  4. Hi Jane – We’re so sorry to hear that! Be sure to use our store finder to find a store near you that carries Cameron’s Coffee. We love that you have been ordering through us on-line though! Thanks. – CC –

  5. These look really good!! I have been cold brewing your Caramel Cream and Highlander Grog blends, they are amazing!! I can’t wait to try these as well, thanks!!

  6. Hi A.J. – Thanks for the being such a big fan! We love hearing that you’ve already brewed some of our flavors via Cold Brew and we’re excited to learn how you like these new Cold Brew Blends we just launched. When you try them, be sure to leave a review on the website. Thanks! – CC –

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