Organic coffee bag sitting on a table next to a mug of coffee and a container of coffee beans

New Look, Same Smooth

A brighter Cameron’s has arrived. We are so excited to share our new look with you!

Throughout this summer, you will start to see the new Cameron’s packaging land on the shelves of your favorite retailers.

Three bright colorful bags of Cameron's Coffee sitting on a pantry shelf

To us, our new look is a better reflection of who we have always been – optimistic, bright, and with the ability to transform your mornings. Our goal continues to be roasting smooth coffee that gets your day off to a cheerful start and makes every day brighter. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our new look, and when you see it in store, snap a picture and let us know where you found it. 

a bag of Cameron's coffee old look moving to new look
A Little History

Way back in 1980, Cameron’s Coffee was founded in Hayward, WI with a vision to bring great quality coffee to the community. In 2008, we opened our roastery in Shakopee, MN and we’ve been roasting your smooth morning coffee right there ever since. 

Fast-forward to 2022

⁠Now a 42 year old company, we’ve come a long way. But what hasn’t changed over the years is that we are still dedicated to roasting the smoothest coffee for you to brew at home. 

  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Over 60 smooth flavors and varieties
  • Never bitter from over-roasting

We are also proud to say we are still:

  • ⁠Locally focused
  • Committed to social responsibility
  • Midwest proud and passionate coffee experts
  • Good stewards of the environment

Good things come to those who wake, and each day we rise proud to craft America’s best home-brewed coffee so that your morning will be just a little bit brighter. 

Cheers! ☕️❤️

A bag of Cameron's Breakfast Blend, a mug of coffee, and a plate with a donut and oranges.
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