Cameron's Coffee commitment to our coffee farmers

Our commitment to coffee farmers

As you know, Cameron’s Coffee is committed to supporting the bright futures for our coffee farmers, their families and the land they cultivate.

Cameron's Coffee Commitment to Coffee Farmers

From the farmers we choose to work with, to the things we do to reduce waste, Cameron’s Coffee is a company committed to doing the right thing. It may sound cliché, but we’re committed to it! Because we’ve found that doing the right thing—for the environment, for the farmers, and for our customers—all directly contribute to our main mission of making every day brighter.

When we travel the world for the best beans, we make a point to get to know the farmers, the crews of workers, their families and the land they cultivate. This is their livelihood as well as ours.

The last year has posed many challenges for the farmers in our coffee-producing communities, including extreme weather conditions, limited coffee yields, and global supply chain issues.

In order to help the farmers, families and the nature behind every cup of coffee, Cameron’s Coffee, like many other coffee businesses across the US, has made the decision to increase our prices, effective March 8th, 2022.

We appreciate your understanding as we take action to support the resilient, but currently challenged coffee-producing communities, who produce your favorite blends.

To read more on our commitment to farmer support, check out our Social Responsibility page.

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