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How to plan a perfect summer picnic

Summer is finally here and after a long, cold winter you can bet we Minnesotans aren’t taking a single sunny day for granted. And from hiking to fishing, boating and biking, all our favorite summer activities give us the perfect opportunity for a picnic!

Who doesn’t love a good summer picnic? You can go on one for a romantic date, an afternoon out with friends, or a family fun day. No matter what the occasion, here’s our checklist for the perfect picnic!

Snacks on Snacks

If you’ve been out swimming at the lake or hiking at your favorite state park, you’ll want to have some satisfying snacks in your picnic basket! We like to keep it low maintenance with snacks like fresh fruits, cheese, and crackers, but if you have some time to prep we recommend things that travel well like pasta salad or chips & guacamole.

Location, Location, Location!

The perfect picnic is all about the location. And in the land of 10,000 lakes, we’ve got plenty of choices! We might be (definitely are) biased, but we think the best spot for a picnic is by the lake. Let us know your favorite picnic spots in the comments!

The Magic Ingredients

A cozy blanket & picnic basket. Need we say more? If you don’t have these, is it even a picnic? These two items magically transform any boring old bag lunch into a legitimate picnic. Must haves!

Cameron's Cold Brew Blend Summer Picnic

Cameron’s Cold Brew Blend

Another must have. 😉 You can use any one of your favorite Cameron’s Coffees to make a delicious cold brew, but we’ve made it even easier with our Cold Brew Blend and Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew Blend! Cold brew is such a smooth, refreshing way to drink coffee – perfect for hot summer days! But we drink it all year long… who’s with us?!

What are you going to bring on your next picnic? Where are some of your favorite parks and lakes for picnicking? Let us know in the comments!

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