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Why Cameron’s Doesn’t Have Coffee Shops

At Cameron’s, we love being in the coffee business! We know coffee – and we get a lot of satisfaction out of making the best coffee we possibly can.

We get even more satisfaction hearing from all of our fans about how much they love their Cameron’s Coffee, and what a big role it plays getting their day off to a brighter start.

Coffee is an exciting, ever-changing product category, with an ever-expanding array of different coffee varieties and ways to enjoy them. New brands come, some go. And then there are coffee shops – around here, it seems like we see a new one pop up nearly every day.


We’re often asked why we don’t have our own coffee shops.

After all, a lot of coffee companies do both, sell coffee in your local store and at their own coffee shops. Couldn’t Cameron’s be a lot bigger and grow a lot faster if we chased all of those emerging trends like so many of the other coffee brands do?

Well, Cameron’s doesn’t have coffee shops, and we don’t have plans to open any – so the big coffee shop chains can rest easy. Our reason is quite simple: focus. We’re going to keep doing what we think we do best, making the best coffee for you to enjoy at home, in your favorite chair, from your favorite mug. Coffee that’s always smooth, never bitter.


Making the very best coffee, especially coffee that stands on its own and isn’t turned into a latte or some other fancy coffee shop drink, is really hard work.

It takes dedication and constant attention to detail. We wholeheartedly believe that making the best coffee for you to enjoy at home requires the kind of focus every member of the Cameron’s team brings to their jobs every single day.

To help keep all of us focused, we’ve articulated our very purpose, the thing that drives us every single day, as “Proudly Crafting America’s Best Home-Brewed Coffee.” Home-brewed coffee, coffee for our loyal fans to brew themselves. Not for coffee shops. Not for baristas. Not for overly sweetened caramel or chocolate dessert-like drinks that don’t much resemble a straight-up cup of coffee.

We like a good latte as much as the next person, now and then. We love visiting our friends at the neighborhood coffee shops and trying their latest concoction, and we wish them all the best.


But we know our most avid fans love real coffee that tastes like, well, coffee.

Smooth coffee that’s never bitter. We think that’s what we do best. So we’ll stay focused on “Proudly Crafting America’s Best Home-Brewed Coffee.”

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