Your Favorite Pods – Now 100% Compostable*!

Cameron’s Coffee is proud to announce that our single-serve coffee pods have been certified as 100% compostable*! This is something we really care about, and have been working very hard to achieve.

When we launched our single-serve coffee in 2012, our pods were clearly different than most single serve coffees designed for Keurig brewers. Instead of utilizing the typical plastic cup, we wanted to deliver the same drip brewed taste experience you get with Cameron’s other coffees. So our 100% specialty grade Arabica coffees have been packaged in a real single-serve coffee filter right from the beginning, which we believe results in the best tasting cup of coffee possible.

We call these filter pods BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods, saying they deliver “Better Taste, Less Waste.”

Ever since then, we’ve been tinkering with our filter pods with the goal of making them fully compostable*, meaning they will break down into organic matter under the right conditions.

We started by using plant-based materials. Then we worked on making each part—the lid, the ring, and the filter itself—fully compostable*. Finally, we completed all the necessary testing, using authorized facilities who do this sort of work, to be certified as 100% compostable* in industrial facilities.

At Cameron’s, we support the growth of industrial and municipal composting facilities, because they don’t exist everywhere. We hope you will also support their expansion.

We also support home composting. Since there is no certification process for home composting, our coffee pods have not been certified for it. But we know that all the materials in our pods are made with plant-based materials, and that they will break down into organic matter in home composting if proper composting methods are used.

Home composting may take a bit longer than in an industrial or municipal facility because there is generally less heat generated, and your own results may vary depending on the types of materials you are composting, the amount of moisture that’s present, and how frequently you mix or turn your compost. But in our own experience here at Cameron’s Coffee, we have successfully composted our pods in home composting containers.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about home composting.

*Compostable in industrial facilities. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. No current certification for backyard composting.

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